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100 Project Management tips you can’t do without

100 Project Management Tips for project managers

No matter whether you are new to project management or you have handled many projects over the years, life as a project manager is ever-changing and you should never stop learning. With that in mind, read on for 100 project management tips that can help you to be more successful in your role.   1.…

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11 Reasons To Love Being A Project Manager

tools for project management

If you’ve lost your enthusiasm for project management and need reminding of all the reasons you started this career in the first place, these 11 reasons should help you. As a PM, there are probably plenty of reasons you can list as to why you love your job. To have a job that is so…

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The A to Z of project management terminology

Project management is one of the rare type of careers in which you can work in any sector of business, from finance and software development to construction and retail. Every type of business requires good project managers and large organisations of every kind understand the advantages of project management. If you are considering it as…

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Quick Project Management Tips

quick project management tips

Most project managers will choose to work towards professional accreditation or even chartered status, and also engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout their career. So they will undertake training in all forms, traditional classroom based courses, workshops, distance learning or e-learning. Training will cover best practise and help you develop your project management skills…

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Working With A Global Project Team? Top Tips For Success

global project team

Nowadays, more and more businesses are going global and hiring remote workers. As a project manager, it is highly unlikely that your team is always going to be in your office. You may have another department overseas that you need to liaise with. You may also have a number of freelancers that work in different…

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Mistakes New Project Managers Often Make

mistakes new project managers often make

Project management is a career that more and more people are getting involved in and it is not difficult to see why. The growth potential for this industry is massive as organisations become more project-centric, it is a field where there are opportunities in so many different types of companies, and it is now a…

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Setting Expectations on New Projects

new projects

  Whenever you take on new projects or a new client, your initial conversations will set the tone for the rest of the relationship. When setting expectations, a lot of businesses are guilty of promising too much, at every level, from the project management apprentice to those that have been doing the job for a…

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How To Earn The Respect Of Your Team As A Project Manager

motivate project team

As a project manager, you are usually tasked with motivating your team to success. You are the person that needs to get the best out of your team so that the product or service that is developed is a success. This is often a lot easier said than done. However, once you earn the respect…

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How To Transition Effectively Into An Agile Project Manager

agile project manager

More and more companies are switching to agile project management. This is a form of project management approach that uses short development cycles (sprints), so that there is a focus on continual improvement when developing a service or product. While becoming an agile project manager certainly has its benefits, implementing this approach is not without…

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Launching Your Career In Project Management

career in project management

Project management is a career choice that is in high demand today. More and more companies are looking for project managers to take their business to the next level, ensuring higher levels of quality while budget and time constraints are met and, in some cases, exceeded. Many larger organisations are so committed to improving their…

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