Course 1. PFQ Qualification

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

An ideal introduction to project management for new project managers or those working in a project environment for the first time. This practical course will give you the skills to plan and control smaller projects. It is a great first step on the project management ladder.
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The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is the first step on the ladder of Association for Project Management (APM) courses. The course is ideal for new project managers or members of project teams who want a better understanding of the processes, tools and language of project management. The key concepts and principles learnt during the PFQ will leave you in good stead to start thinking about the Project Management Qualification (PMQ), and even Chartership.


The training sessions are run online, live, by our tutors. The training will incorporate lectures, group work, exercises and written resources to deliver an interactive learning experience.

After registering for your chosen date you will be emailed joining instruction with a link to join the course.


APM PFQ training course

Topics Covered


Project, business as usual and the operating enviornment 

Here we differentiate projects from non-projects, explore programme and portfolio management and the influence of the business and political context on project success.

Understand project roles and lifecycles

Projects may be managed via a range of lifecycles including linear, iterative (such as Agile) and hybrid lifecycles. We will be exploring the different phases of the different lifecycles and their use along with the various roles and responsibilities of the Project manager, Project Governance, Sponsor, Product Owner, and the Users. Working closely together these roles will be a powerful force towards the achievement of project success.

Project Planning 

This will include understanding the role of a project schedule, the project management plan and information management. The role and purpose of the business case and the development of options will be explored, including the importance of identifying stakeholders and budgeting and cost management.

Scope Management

During this session we will be clearly defining how the scope for a project is derived, planned and managed. We will cover the topic of change control as an essential partof preventing ‘scope creep’



We will discuss estimating techniques for time and cost, and use these to help populate the schedule.

Understanding scheduling and resource management 

The most recognisable aspect of project management is the Gantt chart. During this session we will look at the construction of a Gantt chart and the logic and process behind the development of one, including critical path and critical chain analysis. We will also cover the need to properly resource a schedule, including procurement.

Understanding risk management, quality management and the principles of leadership and teamwork 

During this session we will look at systematic ways to understand, catalogue and deal with risks and discuss adequate mechanisms for the management of quality on a project, including the use of various quality control techniques. Working in teams is a natural and necessary undertaking in most job roles, in a project it is even more profound and the need to ‘get up and running’ quickly is paramount. Understanding some basic theory in this respect is valuable for new project managers.

Online Exam

The APM PFQ exam is a one hour multiple choice exam. The pass mark is 60%. The exam is invigilated by a remote proctor. They monitor you though a microphone, webcam and an app on a mobile phone. The APM is issuing detailed guidance on the technology required but in summary, you need a personal computer with Google Chrome installed, webcam and microphone and mobile device (phone or tablet). The exam system will not load any software on your computer, they do ask you to add an extension to Google Chrome. This is why Google Chrome is the only supported browser. The APM advise that the exam is unlikely to work on a corporate PC unless you have admin rights. Just like classroom exams, you will need a photo ID.

Click here to see the APM PFQ Online Exam Guidance

Learning outcomes

  • Describe a projects context and the relationship of this to the way in which the project is managed
  • Write usable project documentation including business cases and project plans
  • Describe the key components of a team and how a project manager might seek to manage them
  • Carry out a work breakdown of a project as the first component of planning
  • Produce a project plan
  • Carry out a risk analysis of a project
  • Describe ways in which projects can be monitored and controlled
  • Carry out a stakeholder analysis and describe ways in which they can be managed
  • Have sufficient knowledge to sit the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

What is included in this course?

  • A two day tutor led course in which you will work through the content, completing practice questions and exercises.
  • APM accredited eLearning modules – hours of lectures and exercises with a tutor guiding you through the whole APM PFQ course.
  • Our PFQ study guide. This is our definitive guide to the APM PFQ course and integrates with our eLearning. It explains in simple terms what you need to know to pass the APM PFQ exam using easy to read language, including sample exam questions. This study guide is delivered once you book the course so that you can start your preparation in advance.
  • A full series of APM PFQ Podcasts to listen to, integrated with the study guide, covering all the hot topics for the APM PFQ Exam.
  • The online APM Project Fundamentals Exam.


The APM PFQ is designed for people who are new to project management or working in a project role. As such it has no pre-requisites. If you are new to project management we recommend you read the study guide and sample the e-learning before the course. In particular, the study guide includes a sample exam which will give you a feel for your knowledge gaps. 


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