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How APM exams work online

With more people able to take professional exams online we answer some important questions below specifically about how APM exams work online. How will they invigilate the exam? The exam is invigilated by a remote proctor. The monitor you though a microphone, webcam and an app on a mobile phone. The APM is issuing detailed […]

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Improving Your Decision-Making Skills As A Project Manager

As a project manager, you need to hone your skills in many different areas. One thing that you certainly need to be good at is making decisions. After all, every project features plenty of different important decisions that need to be made. With that being said, continue reading to discover some of the different ways […]

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The Importance of Project Meetings

Meetings are an essential part of any project – how well they are managed is critical to the success of the project and yet many stakeholders and team members see project meetings as an interruption to their real work and a waste of valuable time. Project meetings vary considerably depending on the organisation and the […]

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Working With A Global Project Team

Nowadays, more and more businesses are going global and hiring remote workers. As a project manager, it is highly unlikely that your team is always going to be in your office. You may have another department overseas that you need to liaise with. You may also have a number of freelancers that work in different […]

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Project scheduling obstacles and how to tackle them

The ability to create a project schedule that is realistic is one of the greatest challenges you will face as a project manager, on any project that you undertake. Whilst there might be some common issues with scheduling that you can anticipate and, therefore prevent, there are others that can prove more complicated. What is […]

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The newest tools for project managers

Technology is continually changing with new and better solutions appearing on the marketplace all the time. If you are looking for the best project management software to help you put your project management skills to best use, here is our round up of some of the newest and best tools for project managers that are […]

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AI, Automation and the project manager

Whatever company or industry you work in, it is highly likely that some aspects of every project will be difficult. This is despite the experience of the project team, project management courses they’ve attended and professional qualifications they’ve gained. That really is just the nature of project management and why it is different from business-as-usual. […]

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Is it time to build sustainability into every new project?

In recent years, the idea of sustainability has become an increasingly important one. However, it has recently been pushed closer to the top of the agenda as a result of the report on climate change that was produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) in October 2019. The report suggested that […]

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Use A Project Manager For Your Post-Pandemic Contingency Plan

There is no denying that the pandemic has turned the business world on its head. Some businesses have been forced to close their doors due to the government regulations. There are then companies that have experienced huge drops in demand. However, with the roadmap to freedom recently announced, there is some light at the end […]

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Does Your PMO Provide A Valuable Service?

An efficient, well-run project management office (PMO) should provide a valuable service to a project manager and the team, particularly on long or complex projects and large organisations, but whether they do or not is a different matter. Some PMOs are mired in bureaucracy and are often perceived as just adding to a project’s workload; […]

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Distance Learning Vs Face-to-Face Learning: Which Is Best?

Organisations that regularly implement project-based work agree that training courses for project managers are not just important, but essential. The field of project management is ever-changing, and to keep up with new approaches and methods, it is necessary to ensure that project management skills are always as up to date as possible. For this reason, […]

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Essential Questions for Project Managers at the Start of Any Project

If you have been working in project management for a while, there is one thing you’ll know, and that is that in project management there are no certainties. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to bring control and order to your next project and that starts by asking the essential questions at the outset. […]

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Do Project Managers Need Technical Knowledge?

I have discussed many times before whether project managers need business or technical knowledge, specific to the industry in which they work, in order to successfully manage projects. They could have gained that knowledge either because they performed the business or technical role before becoming a project manager or simply that they have always managed […]

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Inspirational Female Leaders and Managers

Whilst the world of project management may be seen as a predominately male one, there are in fact some incredibly successful female leaders and managers out there who we can take inspiration from, whether we’re taking our first tentative steps into project management, or we’re just looking for someone to learn from. As we approach […]

Added: 17th February 2021 Read More

Project Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

We all make mistakes in the work environment from time to time. It’s learning from them that counts. This is most certainly the case when it comes to project management and learning lessons is embedded into project management methodologies so there’s no excuse not to. It is unlikely that you are going to get everything […]

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The APM Project Professional Qualification (Second Edition)

The APM has launched the second edition of the Project Professional Qualification. This second edition PPQ is designed to fit as Step 3 in the APMs ladder of qualifications; Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) Project Management Qualification (PMQ) Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) The PPQ is a recognized assessment for applying for Chartered […]

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Project management promises you should make yourself for 2021

We’ve said goodbye to what was one of the strangest years ever and welcomed in 2021 with the hope that we will soon be seeing a new normal emerge. Making resolutions is easy, keeping them less so; here are some project management promises you should be making this year that don’t need to be difficult […]

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Project Planning and Control™ (PPC)

This post was updated on 17 March 2022 Based on the Association for Project Management (APM) guidance for Planning and Project Control Managers and Engineers this course builds a structured and formalised approach to planning and controlling projects. The APM’s guide, ‘Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control – The Practical Project Management of Time, Cost and […]

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