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Project management software to consider

What is project management? Simply put, project management is being able to stay on top of your deadlines, keep track of your resources and your deliverables, keep good communication with your project team members and stakeholders and control every aspect of your project whilst steering it to a satisfactory outcome. This might seem like a […]

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Soft Skills and Wellness for the Project Manager – The Ultimate Guide

A project manager is the lifeblood of any organisation, and the soft skills that they have, in addition to their professional qualifications and industry experience, are what really sets the great project manager apart from the good project manager. Whilst some soft skills are ones that people naturally excel at; there are others that come […]

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Resource Management: The Complete Guide

Resource management is strongly linked to productivity and also to project success. Getting it right can help a project manager when it comes to delivering a project that meets customer expectations but is also an essential part of a project team’s risk management strategy. For those who are involved in project management, it is essential […]

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Self Study APM PMQ Tips

If you are self studying for the APM PMQ exam here are some topics to consider:

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A support programme for March 2023 APM Chartership (ChPP) applicants

The APM have announced an update to their ChPP standard, which will be rolled out in 2023. You can find more information on the APM website; https://www.apm.org.uk/chartered-standard/ The name, status and rigour of the chartered standard will remain the same as the current edition. Here are key dates you’ll need to know if you’re thinking of applying: […]

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The importance of identifying internal and external stakeholders before a project starts

A project is a process that requires a range of different levels of participation from a number of teams or individuals in order to achieve a successful outcome from the project. However, when it comes to participation requirements within a project, these are not the same for all of those who are associated with the […]

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Measuring the effectiveness of quality management techniques

When it comes to project management it is generally accepted that quality is one of the most important outcomes for every project. But it is also important to consider the effectiveness of quality management techniques that are being used. For those companies who are looking to differentiate themselves from other similar businesses within the same […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Change Management

Following the events of the last couple of years, the working world has changed for many people beyond what they could possibly have imagined. Over 50% of office-based employees now work from home at least once a week and, in many cases, a lot more. That means the need for good technology solutions to keep […]

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How To Build A Successful Project Team

    There are many components that come together to ensure you are successful as a project manager, from communicating effectively, to managing a schedule, to controlling the budget and handling risks. Nevertheless, most people would agree that an important first step is putting together the best project team. If you don’t have the right […]

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A Guide to Soft Skills for Project Managers

Soft skills are vital for project managers. Our brief guide takes a look at exactly how you should be using them in order to be the most effective in your role. Mindful listening Communication is an essential skill in the field of project management and one that is very much a two-way street. It isn’t […]

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Project Communication – Your Ultimate Guide

One thing that we can never hear enough is the importance of communication within a project. Whilst this is one of those all-important skills, it is something that not everyone has a natural knack for getting right. In fact, even those individuals who have good natural communication skills will find they can improve those skills […]

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Fake Agile – What is it and why it’s a problem

If you work in project management at any level, then you will almost certainly have come across the term “agile”. Many project managers like to think they are doing agile projects but this is not always the case. In fact, whilst most managers would suggest that the adoption of an agile approach is a priority, […]

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Encouraging Collaboration Within Your Project Team

When the responsibility of the success of a project rests on your shoulders you need to encourage collaboration on your project team to get the job done. You may be at the helm of each and every project but collaborative management is also a vital part of your role. Working with a team and recruiting […]

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Attending a project management course in Leeds

Leeds, the unofficial capital of Yorkshire, is a city in the North of England. The largest city in the county of West Yorkshire it is nestled in the foothills of the Pennines. It is famous for being the birthplace of the Penny Bazaar that eventually became the Marks and Spencer brand, it is also purported […]

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The complete guide to project reporting

It will come as no surprise to learn that a staggering number of projects fail as a result of communication breakdowns. In fact, a significant number of project managers do not have confidence in project success as a result in part of stakeholders who are out of sync. Consistent and accurate project reporting is a […]

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Parallel Are Delighted to Welcome a New Member to Their Team

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Carmen Campos, a professional project manager with 14 years’ industry experience and the newest member of the project management training team at Parallel Project Training. She told me what led to her becoming a project manager, how she became a trainer and some of her thoughts on […]

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Have You Got The Soft Skills Employers Want?

There have been various studies and surveys that suggest many employers believe that job applicants who have just left college or university are lacking in a range of soft skills that are necessary in the workplace. Of course their academic knowledge and technical skills are important but in the workplace an employee, whether in a […]

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10 Critical Attributes For A Project Kick-Off Meeting

This article was updated in August 2022 As any project manager will tell you, a good kick-off meeting is one that will bring your project team together, giving them a shared understanding of what the project is all about and how you will be going about the work involved. What they will also, probably, tell […]

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