Corporate APM Project Management Distance Learning Course

Re-inventing Corporate Project Management Training

Today many organisations are looking for ways of developing their staff in a cost effective and flexible way without compromising the quality of learning. Using the Parallel Learning System for project management training, you can provide high quality learning resources and support systems for your project managers without the cost and logistic difficulties of traditional classroom based training.

Our approach combines high quality printed study material, on-line e-learning, podcasts which can be downloaded and played on any MP3 player, an on-line moderated study group with full social networking capability and exam prep workshops delivered either face to face or via an on-line virtual classroom. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Improve learning because the material can adapt to the learning styles of the individuals on the course.
  • Higher exam pass rates because individuals can learn at their own pace with time to reflect on the sessions.
  • On-going one-to-one tutor support via the on-line study group.
  • Reduced cost and time out of the office.

Distance Learning is Increasingly Popular with Major Corporate Clients.

Corporate Distance LearningSeveral clients including E C Harris, Turner and Townsend, and Aspire Defence have adopted this corporate distance learning as the preferred approach to project management training. Aspire Defence completed an evaluation of our distance learning course and traditional 5-day course, by running two cohorts in parallel. The results showed better learning and higher exam pass rates on the distance learning course.

E C Harris the built asset consultancy has adopted distance learning for all its APMP training. Alison Mitchell, Learning and Development Consultant at E C Harris commented "Within my role in Professional Services I had a very clear view in mind of a well-designed, high-quality, blended learning programme. Parallel Project Training were very responsive to our vision and we have been able to work closely with them to develop the high-quality training that we wanted for our international project managers. The model of blended learning for project management that has been developed has been so successful that we plan to use it for training in other
disciplines within E C Harris"

A Typical Programme

We tailor our APM programmes to the culture, experience and appetite for learning within your organisation. A typical programme will be spread over 6-8 weeks and include

  • Course registration and sending out course materials
  • 5 weekly on-line sessions to cover the course material
  • Week homework marked by the course tutor
  • A mock exam marked by the tutor, which is half the size of the full exam
  • An online exam prep workshop
  • An exam invigilated by the APM. This can be in a single central location or distributed across several locations.

Individuals spend different amounts of time on course preparation and study, but typically between 40 to 60 hours. We also recommend appointing mentors within the organisation to provide local support to the individuals.

Virtual classroom sessions are timetabled into the 6-week period using learning technology such as Adobe Connect to facilitate the sessions as a live event for participants anywhere in the world. The trainer is visible on video to all participants and there are real-time questioning opportunities to encourage interaction.

This approach does not suit all cultures, those with no project management background or mentor support may find this approach will not instil behavioural change, but for organisations looking to establish a bed rock of understanding of the core project management processes this blended distance learning approach offers a modern and cost effective way forward. Please get in touch to discuss the best way of developing project managers in your organisation.