APM Practitioner Qualification (APM PQ)

This APM Practitioner Qualification assessment centre event provides individuals with an international qualification that recognises their ability to manage non-complex projects.

What is the APM PQ?

The APM Practitioner Qualification (APM PQ) is an International Project Management Association (IPMA) Level C qualification and assesses capability, i.e. the appropriate application of those knowledge areas as defined by the APM Body of Knowledge. It is the only project management qualification in the UK that assesses the capability of a project manager. It represents the natural next step for project managers who have completed the APM Peoject Management Qualification (PMQ) - previously known as the APMP.

What is evaluated as part of an APM PQ?

The APM PQ is assessed against 30 core criteria which are essential to project management. These include the core elements of project management such as:

  1. Understanding the project in the context of the overall business and business case.
  2. Applying effective project planning strategies to ensure the project has an effective baseline.
  3. Demonstrating an understanding to project risk and its potential effect on the successful delivery of the project.
  4. Managing change as it emerges during the project and establishing strategies to minimise the impact of change.
  5. Monitoring and controlling project progress and status, keeping stakeholders informed on issues which may influence the project outcome.
  6. Planning and implementing a post project review to ensure that lessons are captured for future projects.
  7. The ability to lead and motivate a team of individuals.

How is it assessed?

During the APM PQ you will be asked to complete a number of group and individual exercises. These will include team analysis of a project, presentation of your project management experience, individual written exercises and role play. The aim is for the assessors to get a complete picture of your skills and capability as a project manager.

Benefits of the APM PQ?

The APM PQ marks you out as a project manager with the core competences to manage and deliver projects. It demonstrates that you not only understand the principles of project management but have the behavioural attributes to apply these principles to deliver a successful project.

Prerequisites before APM PQ?

Candidates wishing to take the Practitioner Qualification must also satisfy one of the following criteria for project management knowledge:


  1. have passed the APM PMQ qualification (formerly knwon as the APMP qualification)
  2. can demonstrate good familiarity with the APM Body of Knowledge and have passed an equivalent qualification such as PMP, ISEB Certificate in Project Management, Open University Project Management Module M865
  3. can demonstrate that they have a good foundation knowledge of project management supported by evidence of relevant CPD

Candidates who have met the pre-entry requirements of project management experience and knowledge will need to register prior to the course. The registration documents required are:-

  1. Two copies of the completed and signed APM Practitioner Qualification application form
  2. Two copies of the completed APM self assessment form
  3. Two copies of a project based CV outlining the candidate’s experience in project management, with details of their responsibilities and involvement across the project lifecycle.

Once you have booked on the course we will contact you to collect this documentation.

Course Dates & Prices

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