APM PPQ Resit Workshop

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What is required to pass the APM PPQ? This one-day workshop refreshes the best approach to the oral and written assessments.


This one-day workshop is designed for people who are resisting the APM PPQ. The first half day will cover techniques for the oral assessment, and the second half will discuss the best approach to the written assessment. The course focuses on how best to interpret the questions, prepare and present your answer, and what the markers look for in grading your answers. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be able to:

1) Describe the best approach to each fo the PPQ assessment processes. 

2) Underdatand and interpret the questions used each of the assessment methods.

3) How to best prepare and present you answers to maximise the chances of passing the exam. 


This is a re-sit workshop and is only design for those people who have already studied for the APM PPQ. 

Topics Covered

The topics covered include

1) An overview of the PPQ assessment processes. 

2) What the examiners are looking for in each of the assessments. 

3) How to interpret the assessment criteria and the structure you answers. 

4) hints and tips to pass the APM PPQ

The morning sessions will focus on the scenario and oral assessment while the afternoon will concentrate on the written assessment. The session will include the opportunity to complete a written assessment that will be marked by you tutor. 

What is Included in the Course?

1) One day veritual workshop

2) The marking of a written assessment.

No material is included in this course. The full training pack is available as part of our full PPQ course or on request, for a reasonable fees,   for those people who have completed there training with other providers. 

No exam fees are included in the cost of this course, these can be booked directly with the APM. 

What is the Course Like?

The cosur will include on-lone briefings, breakout groups and practice oral and written questions.