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Project Management Training Courses

APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management - 2 Days 111 Buckingham Palace Road , London - £650
PRINCE2® Practitioner London, London -


APM Project Management Qualification 6th Edition BoK (APMP) - 5 Days 111 Buckingham Palace Road , London -


APMP Exam Only 111 Buckingham Palace Road , London -
APM Project Management Qualification 6th Edition BoK (APMP) - 5 Days Forbury Square, Reading -


APMP Distance Learning Exam Prep Forbury Square, Reading -


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APM Training

APM Training

As an APM Accredited Training Provider we offer a complete range of courses leading to APM qualifications and standards. These include:
  1. APM Introductory Certificate - Ideal for project team members or those new to project management.
  2. APMP - The first step on the road to professional project management, providing a solid foundation for you project management career.
  3. APM Practitioner - Evaluates your ability to apply project management in practical situations.
  4. APM Registered Project Professional - The gold standards for those who manage a complex project.

All these courses are available as open or in-house courses and the APMP is available by distance learning.


Initially Microsoft Project can be a confusing application. In this section we will set you off on the right path by introducing the structure of the screen and how project templates can be used to quick start new projects. Activities covered in this topic include:

  • Understanding the layout of the Microsoft Project Screen.
  • Creating a new project.
  • Using project templates.
  • Entering project information.
  • Setting up working with time and calendars.
  • Saving a baseline plan

PMP Certification

PMP Certification

PMP® certification is one of the most widely recognised global project management qualifications. Based on the PMI Guide® to the Body of Knowledge, the PMP credential “demonstrated that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects”. Our courses offer you:

  1. Active Learning Techniques which provide a highly engaging and stimulating learning experience.
  2. Project Management Consultants with a depth of understanding developed from applying the PMBoK® Guide to real projects.
  3. On-going exam prep support via our online exam prep forum.

As a PMI® registered education provider (REP) our training programmes and trainers meet the exacting standards of the PMI.

One of the first steps in many projects is to define the tasks to be completed. Capturing the full scope of the project at this stage is critical to success. In this topic you will learn how to enter tasks into Microsoft Project and the different properties that are used to determine the task duration. Activities in this topic include:

  • Entering tasks and setting properties.
  • Working with task durations.
  • Creating Milestones.
  • Copying and moving tasks.
  • Entering recurring tasks
  • Task Information and task notes
  • Linking and unlinking tasks
  • Splitting tasks
  • Different task types
  • Setting deadlines and constraints
  • Applying task calendars

PRINCE2 Courses

PRINCE2® Courses

Prince2® is a scalable process based approach to project management which can be easily tailored to fit projects of varying degrees of complexity and size. It is the most widely recognised standard for project management in the UK and is rapidly becoming recognised around the world. Our training courses offer:
  1. Active Learning Techniques which make the learning experience fun and engaging.
  2. Experienced Tutors with close involvement in the development of PRINCE2®.
  3. Innovative Training Material which engages with a wide range of learning styles.
  4. Prince2® Practitioner exam pledge.

Our PRINCE2® courses are available as both public courses and in-house for corporate clients.

Many projects are constrained by resources. Planning the work within the available resource pool is critical to the success of many projects. Without understanding the resource requirements then it can be very difficult to predict when a project will be completed and the overall cost. Activities in this topic include:

  • Creating a resource sheet and associated cost rates.
  • Entering resource availability for each resource type.
  • Grouping resources into families. 
  • Resource schedules and assignment. 
  • Assigning work and material resources to tasks.
  • Entering costs into the project.

Corporate Development

Corporate Development

Corporate clients are often seeking to develop their capability to deliver successful projects and we can support you in a number of ways including:
  1. Parallel Project Academy which aims to build the capability to deliver the most complex projects.
  2. The design of a tailored training course targeted at a specific business need, such as the improvement of risk management.
  3. In-house delivery of our certification courses including APM, PMI or OGC training.

Our approach to corporate development uses our parallel development process, providing a framework to discover your true business needs, design a course specific to you, deliver the development and then evaluate the benefits to your organisation.

Having developed a plan then the analysis and presentation of the date needs to be tailored to meet the needs of different project stakeholders. In this section we learn how to analyse the project data using different views and perspectives, identifying pinch points and resource constraint then need to be removed or reduced to produce the most effective and timely schedule. In this topic we cover the following activities:

  • Using the common views.
  • Using split views to see different views of the project on one screen.
  • Using tables to show data.
  • Sorting information.
  • Using filters.
  • The showing the critical path.
  • Printing different views to meet stakeholder needs.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

If you are too busy to take a classroom based course or looking for a cost effective and flexible way to develop your project management capability then our distance learning courses offer a wide range of learning resources. Each package includes:
  1. A high quality printed study guide which explains the course in understandable terms with plenty of case study exercises and sample exam questions.
  2. An e-Learning course integrated with the study guide and using lots of interactions and quizzes to explain the concepts of project management.
  3. Podcasts for you to download and play on your computer or MP3 player, in the car, plane or train.
  4. Public exam prep workshops (APMP and APMP for Prince2).

A common saying in project management is “plan the work – work the plan”. In this topic we examine the support within Microsoft Project for working the plan. This includes keeping track of progress and costs, identifying variances and the causes of delay within the project schedule. Activities in this topic include:

  • Updating Tasks, Resources & Costs
  • Checking duration, cost & work variance
  • Project statistics
  • Identifying and fixing project trouble spots

e-Learning Courses

e-Learning Courses

Our e-learning is an integrated part of our approach to learning. As part of the Parallel Learning System our e-learning is complemented by printed study material, podcasts, on-line study groups and class room courses. Using the latest interactive media rich technology our e-learning is highly interactive, with puzzles, quizzes and opportunities for reflection. Delivered via our e-learning portal we provide training paths adapted to the course you are studying.

For corporate clients we can readily translate your company project management processes and procedures into dedicated e-learning packages. Delivered in industry standard SCORM these are perfect for hosting on your in house learning management system, or we can provide the necessary hosting services.

Often different stakeholders have different reporting requirements. In this topic you will learn how to use the reporting facilities within Microsoft Project to create reports to meet the needs of different stakeholders. The activities in this topic include:

  • Choosing a report
  • Using report details
  • Defining report contents
  • Sorting a report
  • Adding page elements to reports
  • Saving a project as a web page



Our project management podcasts are free. With over 100,000 downloads they are the easiest way to help you learn project management. They cover all the key concepts of project management in a format which you can take with you anywhere to play on your computer or MP3 player.

Listen to them in the car, plane or train for a much more flexible way to learn.

You can download them from a wide variety of sources including:

  1. Direct from the Parallel Website
  2. From the iTunes store (just search for project management in the podcast section)
  3. Direct from our podcast hosting provider Libsys

Many project managers work as part of a programme or portfolio containing several projects. Microsoft Project has useful tool to help plan and manage project in a multi-project environment. In this session we explore how Microsoft Project can be used to combine multiple projects into one consolidated plan and how these can be linked to a single resource pool. In this topic we cover the following activities:

  • Consolidating projects
  • Creating linked projects
  • Sharing resources with resource pools
  • Viewing multiple project critical paths
  • Saving a workspace
  • Saving consolidated project baselines

Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses

Our advanced training courses take you to the next level. Dealing with complexity and multiple programmes? Need to uncover the real risks behind your projects? Then these advanced workshops can help you to discover the answers.

Typical topics include:

  1. Benefits Management – an essential discipline?
  2. Earned Value “Is it worth the effort”
  3. Effective Project Leadership
  4. Real Risks in Project Management
  5. The critical role of the project sponsor, Process or Behaviour?

If your organisation has particular issues you wish to explore we can easily deliver a workshop targeted at these specific needs

APMP Study Guide

Your Journey to Professional Project Management

Accredited by the Association for Project Management.

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