Fundamentals Project Management Courses
For project managers new to the role or with minimal knowledge of formal methods. Also for project team members wishing to extend their knowledge of project management.

APM Foundation

Project Management Courses
For project managers handling small or simple projects and who are seeking to advance their career and improve their skills with a recognised professional qualification.

APM PM Qualification

Professional  Project Management Courses
For project managers seeking to advance their career to the highest professional level and improve their capability to handle larger or more complex projects effectively.

Project Management Professional

Project Management Training Courses for Everyone

Designed for Individuals to Achieve Recognition for their Project Management Expertise

Public training courses are intended for individuals, or small groups from the same company, who wish to benefit from the experience of, and interaction with, project managers from different organisations. As with all Parallel training courses they are conducted by highly experienced trainers at first class venues using high quality materials.

Upcoming Courses
APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management - 2 Days 111 Buckingham Palace Road , London - £650
PRINCE2® Practitioner London, London -


APM Project Management Qualification 6th Edition BoK (APMP) - 5 Days 111 Buckingham Palace Road , London -


APMP Exam Only 111 Buckingham Palace Road , London -
APM Project Management Qualification 6th Edition BoK (APMP) - 5 Days Forbury Square, Reading -


APMP Distance Learning Exam Prep Forbury Square, Reading -


Please contact us if you need advice identifying the most appropriate course for you.

Why attend a Parallel Project Training Course?

The role of the project manager has been expanding and growing in importance in recent years as they are increasingly recognised as helping companies gain more from their projects through cost reduction, improved efficiency and higher profits. Project managers are also helping businesses communicate more effectively and make better decisions about which projects to embark upon.

Our courses will help you develop the skills required to consistently and successfully deliver benefits to your organisation through well-managed projects and to enhance your own career prospects as a professional project manager, whatever your current level of experience.

Our trainers are experienced project managers who not only help you to understand the different approaches to project management but also how they can be best applied to your projects. This is supported my lots of interactive exercises and discussions during the course, with plenty of opportunity to practice and develop those new skills.

As a specialist project management training company we provide you with an individual and personal service to support the delivery of your projects, giving practical advice as well as supporting you in your professional development.
I had a fantastic, refreshing experience with Parallel Project Training. They supported me and developed me as an individual both before and after the courses. Especially beneficial was the one-to-one coaching to help me gain the tough APM PQ qualification. I can now apply reasoned solutions to client projects to help resolve issues more readily. The Parallel trainers were very knowledgeable and supportive and they helped identify my personal strengths and gaps in my knowledge.

The Parallel Learning System

The Parallel Learning System is the fundamental basis of all our project management courses. The system offers written study guides, online e-learning modules, podcasts and workshops. This range of learning media complements our classroom-based courses with the same underlying structure and the same case studies.

Here are some of the advantages of the Parallel Learning System:
  1. Be confident of starting the classroom-based course with sufficient background knowledge and understanding of the topics to be covered to ensure you can make the most of the training sessions.
  2. Opportunity to review study material before the course using whatever media suit you best, at your own pace and in your preferred location: whether it be written guides, podcasts or e-learning modules.
  3. Improved exam pass rates due to additional time familiarising yourself with the course fundamentals.
  4. Support available via an active and moderated forum.
Parallel Learning System
Parallel courses develop the project management knowledge, skills and behaviours required to gain recognised qualifications but also to improve professional capabilities and enhance career prospects.

Which course is right for you?

As a project manager you face many choices and one of these is deciding which roadmap to follow in developing your career. The main choices of approach for internationally recognised qualifications are PRINCE2, PMI or APM.

Fundamentals Courses

APM Foundation in Project Management (APM IC)
This is the perfect course for those new to the role of project manager and also for team members who want to develop their knowledge of project management terminology and procedures. The 2-day course is based on the Association for Project Management (APM) Body of Knowledge and culminates with a 1-hour multiple choice exam.

APM Foundation in Project Management (APM IC)

Management Courses

APM Project Management Training Courses (APM)
The APM Project Manager (APMP) is the ideal project management qualification for professional PMs seeking to improve their career prospects by gaining a recognised accreditation and establishing a firm foundation of project management knowledge and practice. This Association for Project Management (APM) course covers the essential topics from the APM Body of Knowledge.

Parallel offers a range of APM Project Manager (APMP) training courses to suit different levels of previous experience, different budgets and preferred learning styles. Depending on the route chosen, there are 2 different exams available to gain the APM Project Manager (APMP) qualification.
  1. A 3-hour written exam in which 10 questions may be selected from a choice of 16 questions, which can cover any of the 37 essential topics from the APM Body of Knowledge.
  2. A 2-hour written exam in which 6 questions may be selected from a choice of 10 questions, which cover 25 key topics from the APM Body of Knowledge. This APM PM for PRINCE2® exam is only available to candidates who have a current PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification.

The choice of APM PM training courses includes:

APM PM Qualification Distance Learning

APM Project Manager (APMP) Qualification 5-day Course

PRINCE2® Practitioner Course
The PRINCE2® methodology is a widely recognised project management approach and the Practitioner qualification is an indication that a project manager can capably run a project in a PRINCE2® environment. The 5-day course offered by Parallel is suitable for those PMs seeking the skills and competencies required to apply and adapt the PRINCE2 approach to a range of different project scenarios, and culminates in both the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Qualifications.

PRINCE2® Practitioner

Professional Courses

PMP Certification
Our 5-day PMP Certification courses are intended to promote an in-depth understanding of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) as well as a wider understanding of project management principles. There are particular PMP pre-requisites that potential candidates are obliged to meet before embarking on the course, based on academic qualifications and experience.
PMP Certification

APM Practitioner Qualification (APM PQ)
This qualification is aimed at professional project managers with at least 3 years' experience of managing non-complex projects seeking a nationally and internationally recognised qualification.

The assessment comprises a 3-day assessment followed by detailed feedback on a candidate's professional capabilities and recommended areas to target for CPD. The assessment is based on 30 criteria for effective Project Management as established by the APM.

Prior to the APM PQ course there are highly recommend briefing sessions available to help candidates understand how the assessment operates and what is expected of them during the assessment.

APM Practitioner Qualification

APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) Coaching Workshops
The APM RPP credential is the most advanced project management accreditation available and is aimed at those able to demonstrate competent leadership and an ability to successfully manage highly complex projects, programmes and portfolios with the relevant processes and techniques. It also recognises a commitment to continuous professional development (CPD) and will enhance a project manager's professional status.


Corporate In-house Training

Developing Corporate Expertise for Successfully Managing Projects

Does your organisation require support to improve its project success rate across a range of project types and environments? Is your organisation seeking professional accreditation for its project managers and an effective approach to continuous professional development (CPD) that will ensure project success rates remain high and your project managers remain motivated?

To specifically meet these needs, and more, Parallel has developed its Project Academy, which is a comprehensive road map for developing the skills of project managers based on the APM's knowledge-based approach to project management. It is ideal for organisations of any size with projects ranging from simple to highly complex. As well as APM training courses and CPD activities we offer tailored training sessions and coaching workshops to the highest level to help you improve your capability to deliver successful outcomes for your customers, stakeholders and, ultimately, your business.

Project Academy Benefits

Bespoke Training

Many organisations have particular issues and challenges that they wish to resolve through enhanced training of their employees, but often their needs cannot be entirely met by a standard training course. At Parallel, all of our project management training courses can be tailored to the specific requirements of an organisation. We take the time to fully understand your requirements and can adapt existing courses or develop entirely new courses specifically to suit those requirements. Bespoke training modules are highly effective, offering more relevant learning and targeting only those areas needing improvement.

Bespoke training courses can be delivered as part of a Project Academy for your business or as a standalone course. Find out more...

Please contact us if you need advice identifying the most appropriate

project management course for you or your organisation on 0845 519 2305