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How To Become A Successful Project Manager – Building Blocks For Success

successful project manager

Successful project management requires more than just the basics, it takes strategic thinking, an agile way of working and great people management skills.   Project managers know that their role needs to include the ability to schedule, delegate and make the financial figures add up. This is a basic requirement. However, not all project managers…

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How To Successfully Lead Change In A Project

lead change management

Change is essential for the success of organisations. It enables them to grow and be dynamic and companies that are fluid and respond well to external factors are most likely to gain a competitive advantage. Organisations that are resistant to change risk falling into stagnation and failing. Change is not always easy but the key…

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Adaptive Project Framework Explained

adaptive project framework

There are many different types of project management framework that have been developed over the years, but some are more popular than others. As a project management apprentice, you are going to be learning from others and watching project managers at work in your placement. You may find that the lead project manager uses the…

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Resolving Conflict Within a Project Team

project conflict and how to resolve it

Everyone can’t always get along, and sooner or later there will be a project conflict within a team. Recognising and dealing with it properly can help your team move forward together. Conflict on a group project is often unavoidable but can be healthy and helpful in the progression of the project. How you deal with…

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Giving Feedback to Team Members

project feedback

One of the most important skills you will learn during a project management apprenticeship or in your years working as a team leader, is how to give feedback in an effective manner. Feedback is important as it helps team members to improve on their own skills but can too often be taken in a negative…

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Scope Creep Explained – And How to Avoid It

scope creep on projects

We all know that sinking feeling. The deadline is looming, and the project isn’t completed and doesn’t look like it ever will be. You analyse the work and realise that you’ve actually got a much bigger issue on your hands than you realised. Your client asked for “little extras” to be tagged on and now…

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What’s The Difference Between Risk Management And Issue Management?

Project managers often use the terms risk management and issue management interchangeably. In many industries, buzzwords and talk are a big part of project management where investors and directors are looking for answers and updates at each stage. However, this can lead to any novice project manager or project manager apprentice not knowing the difference…

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National Apprenticeship Week 2018

National Apprenticeship Week - project management apprentices

Here we are in the middle of National Apprenticeship Week 2018 and it’s so encouraging to see how the profile of Apprenticeships is being raised across the UK. This is actually the 11th NAW but the first since the UK Government’s legislation changes (in April 2017) that introduced the Apprenticeship Levy that means companies with…

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Quick Fix Project Tips for Improving Outcomes

Project Tips for project managers

If at first you don’t succeed, then stop what you are doing, take a look at what you have been doing and make a plan to get things back to where you need them to be. Sometimes you might think that your project has ended up drastically going in the wrong direction and you will…

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