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10 Tips For Project Management Meetings You Can Use Right Now

Project Management Meeting Tips (2)

A powerful tool in your arsenal, the ‘project management meeting’ is, however, fundamentally misunderstood. And neither is this gathering of the project team always used wisely and to its full potential. So just how can you get more from each and every project management meeting? The meeting room setting – standing room only isn’t always…

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4 leadership techniques to try on your next project

Leadership Techniques

Your leadership style isn’t set in stone – you can change it to achieve better results. Why not try one of these four techniques on your next project? It can sometimes be frustrating to manage a project team, after all most office environments aren’t really designed to stimulate creativity and produce flashes of inspiration. So…

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Project Management Burnout and How to Recover

There probably isn’t a project manager out there who hasn’t experienced some level of stress or burnout on their projects no matter how many project management qualifications they have. There are a huge number of things that could trigger this stress, for example an unreasonable client, a challenging team with a lack of clear organisational…

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How to Write a Project Plan

Benjamin Franklin is often attributed with the quote “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and in perhaps no other area of business is the quote more apt than in project management.   A poorly run project is doomed from the start, and without a project plan it is almost impossible to run your project…

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Why Do Agile Projects Fail And What Can You Do About It?

Why Agile Projects Fail

Agile is seen by some as the magic bullet of project management. A framework through which all their project management woes will be cured. But let’s face it. Real life isn’t like that and, although agile is a great framework to use, there are times when even agile projects fail. This could be due to…

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Negotiating a Pay Rise as a Project Manager

Negotiating a Pay Rise as a project manager

If the amount you are being paid is making you consider a change of employer then look at our tips to consider negotiating a pay rise in your current role first.   When you work in Project Management your salary will depend on quite a few different factors. Things like location, your project management skills…

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Reporting Tips For Project Managers

Project reporting tips

Project reporting can be time-consuming, but with the right tools and methods it doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t matter what project management tools you are using, you need to make sure that you are using ones that have the ability to report project data easily as well as being able to easily share the…

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Your Pathway to Project Management

pathway to project management

A complete guide to qualifications, interview techniques and tips for landing your ideal project management job.   Project managers are in demand across all industries and sectors. With keen organisational skills and the ability to see the bigger picture, a project manager who delivers time and again is the person every business with large and…

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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress as a Project Manager

project management stress

There are numerous project management qualifications available from an introductory level right up to degree or chartered level. They cover a variety of methodologies in order to help you manage projects more successfully and more consistently. From the APM Project Foundation Qualification to the advanced APM Registered Project Professional (APM RPP) accreditation, all PM courses…

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Why Team Structure Matters in Project Management

team structure

You might think that how you structure your team doesn’t really matter too much, after all if you have the right people with the right skills and a clear plan for the project that should be enough, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple and a well-structured team can provide many advantages. With a well-structured…

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