Adrian Taggart

Adrian Taggart

Training Consultant

Adrian Taggart has an extensive record of achievement in the project management environment both as a practising project manager, and also as a widely respected consultant and trainer within the discipline. He offers the following skills and attributes:

  • Direct experience of the management of a variety of high profile national and international infrastructure projects, in both client and supplier roles.
  • Wide ranging academic (post-graduate) and professional qualifications in the discipline of project management.
  • Broad experience as a consultant to a range of UK clients advising, supporting and training their project management communities.
  • Contributed to the development of the profession by writing a number of published articles and arranging open seminars.
  • Natural empathy and talent for teaching and mentoring roles.

Key Achievements:

Adrian started his career within the UK defence sector (MOD) and after graduating focused on engineering projects, progressing to the management of multi-million pound projects installing hydro power stations in many of the more remote locations around the world. The logistical, technical, commercial and cultural aspects of these endeavours provided a major project management challenge.

Adrian then successfully stepped into the academic sector where he developed and delivered the “People in Projects” module of the M.Sc. in Project Management at Leeds Met. University. His wealth of practical experience and natural communication skills made him a popular and valued member of the academic team.

Stepping back into the commercial sector, Adrian now offers consultancy and training in the field of project management to various corporate clients such as Transport for London, Scott Wilson and Thames Water.



Transport For London (TFL) - Adrian was one of the principal trainers delivering the events that made up “Project Pyramid”. This bold and extensive initiative of TFL offered a suite of opportunities to its Project and Programme Management community to provide them with full-career development and the support needed to deliver a £13billion improvement programme for public transport in the capital.

Scott Wilson - Adrian has become established feature within the graduate programme for Scott Wilson. The content of the programme has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of the business, the delegates and the larger society with its increasing focus on the environment and sustainability. The objective of these interventions is not to nurture project managers but to assist delegates understand the particular challenges, demands and opportunities of the project environment within which they operate, and appreciate how it differs from other conventional employment environments.

Thames Water - Adrian was able to use his experience of commercial engineering projects to author a detailed case study, in some instances using professional actors, that formed the basis for a series of observed workshops. These provided an opportunity for the members of the project management community to explore aspects of both their technical knowledge of the discipline and their behavioural competence with peers and consultants.  Detailed feedback offered bespoke advice on appropriate professional development for each of the delegates.

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