APM Project Management Qualifications

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APM Project Management Qualifications accredited providerParallel Project Training is an accredited Association for Project Management training provider and all our courses lead to professional APM Qualifications, the chartered body for the project profession.

As a member of the project management community, the range of qualifications developed by APM offers you a progressive structure for your career development, from introductory courses right through to advanced levels of learning and assessment for those of you with many years experience managing complex projects.

Summary of APM Qualifications

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

FROM £275
  • Designed for New Project Managers and Team Members
  • Between 0 to 2 Years Experience
  • Practical Skills and Knowlege
  • 60 Question Multiple Choice Exam
  • Available as:
    • Public Courses
    • On-Site Training
    • Distance Learning
    • Virtual Training

APM Project Management Qualification

FROM £850
  • Designed for Professional Project Managers
  • Between 1 to 5 Years experience
  • Detailed Knowlege of Project Management
  • 3 Hour Written Paper
  • Available as:
    • Public Courses
    • On-Site Training
    • Distance Learning
    • Virtual Training

APM Chartered Project Professional

FROM £1,250
  • Leads to Chartered Project Professional
  • Over 7 Years experience
  • Competence based assessment
  • Paper Submission and Interview
  • Available as:
    • Public Breifing
    • Small Group Coaching
    • One-to-one Remote Coaching

motivate project team

"One of the things that was taught well, was how project management can be built into a multitude of disciplines and it is not just for a project manager."

customer satisfaction

"I have a greater understanding of the different roles within my team and how to differentiate what info needs to be communicated and how."


"Doing the course has given me a better understand their organisational processes and governance; as a result I can deliver a better service to my client."

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (APM PFQ)


Ideal for new project managers & team members


1 hour multiple choice
60 questions
60% pass mark


None required

The APM PFQ is the first in the series of qualifications leading to professional certification for project managers. Perfect for new project managers and project team members, it is delivered via a 2-day course, distance learning or virtual training for corporate groups. There are no pre-requisites to taking the course and it is examined via a 1 hour multiple choice paper.

It is a practical course for those who want a better understanding of the processes, tools and tecniques of project management and will provide an understanding of project management terminology and how PM certification can enhance your effectiveness within your organisation.

It covers the fundamental principles of project management such as:

  • Defining the business case
  • Establishing scope
  • Drawing up a plan for project delivery
  • Identifying and managing risk
  • Monitoring and tracking project progress
  • Controlling change

The topics on the APM PFQ syllabus include:

  • Project Management And The Operating Environment
  • Project Lifecycle
  • The Management Structures By Which Projects Operate
  • Project Management Planning
  • Scope Management
  • Scheduling And Resource Management
  • Risk Management And Issue Management
  • Quality Management
  • Communications In The Project Environment
  • The Principles Of Leadership And Teamwork

What Is Included In The Course?

classroom training2 days of Classroom Training

study groupOnline Study Group


study guideAPM
Study Guide

podcastsAPM PMQ

APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ)


Ideal for professional
project managers


3 hour written


10-15 hours

The APM PMQ certification is ideal for professional project managers who already have some experience managing and delivering projects and who want to enhance and develop their existing skills. It provides a solid foundation in project management skills, behaviours, processes and tools.

The course can be delivered in a number of ways – either a 5-day classroom course, distance learning, a modular in-house course or via a virtual in-house course. The exam is a 3-hour written paper.

The content of the APM PMQ is the same as the old APMP Qualification and at the end of the course delegates will be able to confidently apply the principles of project management including:

  • Defining the different roles in a project
  • Understanding the impact of project context on success
  • Establishing the project lifecycle and its benefits
  • Developing a project business case
  • Preparing a project management plan with the associated baselines


The unique APM PMQ training course delivered by Parallel Project Training is a multifaceted, engaging and popular learning event. The course is highly interactive with plenty of exercises, discussions, buzz groups and examples to bring the subject of project management to life.

The topics on the APM PMQ syllabus include:

  • A Structured Approach To Projects
  • Leadership, Communications And Team Work
  • Planning For Success And Scope Management
  • Scheduling And Project Control

By first completing our APM PMQ initial assessment you can determine whether the most appropriate course for you is the APM PMQ or the APM PFQ.

To get the most from the course we recommend you work through the course contents before the 5-day course using some of the provided resources, which will typically take 10 to 15 hours.

What Is Included In The Course?

classroom training5 days of Classroom Training

study groupOnline Study Group


study guideAPM
Study Guide

podcastsAPM PMQ

APM Chartered Project Professional and Registered Project Professional (RPP) Coaching

The APM RPP credential is the most advanced project management accreditation available and is aimed at those able to demonstrate competent leadership and an ability to successfully manage highly complex projects, programmes and portfolios with the relevant processes and techniques. It also recognises a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD).

Parallel Project Training delivers these workshops as an extended programme of face-to-face and remote coaching that prepares candidates for the APM RPP submission.

Initial 1-Day Workshop

An initial one day face-to-face workshop covers the application process including a review of the principal background information. It also focuses on the need to demonstrate both knowledge and application. Background information includes:

  • A record of employment history
  • A brief overview of two or more projects/programmes/portfolios from within the last 7 years that will be used as evidence
  • Demonstration of working with uncertainty or conflicting objectives
  • Dealing with high severity risks or high levels of unpredictability
  • Managing multiple work packages/projects/programmes
  • Engagement with multiple, interdependent stakeholders, possibly with competing interests
  • A record of 35 hours CPD from the previous 12 months
  • Details of two referees

Follow-On Coaching

Each candidate is provided with a qualified RPP coach, who understands the process fully and is able to provide support and guidance in the preparation of the application. This can be done either remotely or face to face.

1-Day Interview Coaching

For candidates who have successfully completed the application process there will be a further workshop to prepare the candidate for the interview stage. This will include a checklist of preparation and candidates will be coached on how to develop their interviewing skills around the material they have presented.

The APM RPP is available to anyone, from any professional background, with relevant experience of managing others in a complex project environment. Successful candidates will be awarded this coveted designation and also become full members of the Association for Project Management.

The RPP application process is designed to build a comprehensive picture of the candidate as a competent project professional. Candidates require a sufficient breadth of technical knowledge, the practical competence to apply that knowledge, and a commitment to continuing professional development and ethical practice. This needs to be demonstrated in one of two ways:

  1. A candidate who is already in possession of the APM Practitioner Qualification or the APM Project Professional Qualification only needs to demonstrate the application of the relevant knowledge.
  2. A candidate who does not possess either the APM PQ or PPQ qualification will need to provide evidence of knowledge as well as demonstrate the application of that knowledge.