Change Management Practitioner and Foundation

Change Management has never been more critical to the success of organisations. As the world is becoming more dynamic the rate of change seems to be ever increasing. Organisations need the flexibility and adaptability to respond to the changing environment.

Successful transformation needs to consider both the people and the processes. In today’s economy change is inevitable so effective leadership and management is needed to chart a path for the organisation. The different perspectives on change, from senior managers, operational staff and other stakeholders can raise difficult emotions and personal agendas. Delivering successful change needs much more than a standard project management approach. Flexibility and adaptability are vital to the success of any change programme.

This course is for those who are involved in implementing change in a dynamic environment.

The Benefits of Change Management Practitioner

The benefits of this course for you are:

  • You will get an insight into practical models and tools to help you deliver effective change
  • The course is highly practical, focusing on your issues and concepts you can apply to your change programmes.
  • A high exam pass rate.
  • A learner centred training course focused on your needs.
  • Enjoyable and fun training environment.
  • Support before, during and after the course from an experienced change manager.

Change Management Practitioner Course Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this course you'll be able to:
  • Manage change and its impact on your people, your processes and your wider organisation
  • Understand why change happens, how change happens, and what needs to be done to not only overcome resistance but manage it in such a way that the changes really ‘stick’
  • Demonstrate the know-how, and the confidence needed to apply new skills to make your projects and change initiatives a real success
  • Sit the exams to become certified as a Change Management Practitioner, a professionally recognised qualification, accredited by the APM Group.

It was fabulous! Exceeded expectations. Made great friends and learnt so much.

Change Management Practitioner Course Content

This APM accredited course will help you gain a better understanding of different frameworks and ways of approaching and leading change at an individual, team or organisational level. Four main themes are covered:

  • Individual change
    Whatever the level or degree of organisational change, the people on the receiving end are the ones who will ultimately cause the change to be a success or a failure. The issues people face when dealing with change and approaches for dealing with resistance are covered.
  • Team change
    This module focuses on the challenges faced by teams when they are formed, transitioning through change initiatives, and approaches for how to manage them.
  • Organisational change
    This module focuses on how to select the most appropriate approaches and frameworks for the extent of change required and the organisational culture you are working within.
  • Leading change
    A thread running throughout the course is the crucial role of leadership. Different styles of leadership and their suitability to different types of complex scenarios and organisations are explored.

A great course – well delivered, informative, never dull. Long days, but they have zipped by. I would wholly recommend this course to anyone remotely connected to managing people!

The exams included in this Change Management Practitioner Course are:

Change Management Foundation

  • 1 hour multiple choice paper
  • Closed book (i.e. no other material allowed in the classroom)
  • A total of 60 questions, need 50% to pass

Change Management Practitioner

  • 3 hour multiple choice paper based on a given scenario
  • 4 main sections comprising 20 questions each
  • You can refer to the course manual and Practitioner handbook during the exam
  • The Practitioner exam can only be taken once you’ve passed the Foundation exam
  • The pass mark is 50%, and once you’ve passed you can put ‘Change Management Practitioner’ on your business cards

Course Dates & Prices

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