Project Management Trailblazer Apprenticeships - Level 4

In our modern, rapidly changing world, Project Managers make things happen. Anyone travelling on a train, using an IT system, running a marketing campaign or simply working in an office will be benefitting from successful projects. All organisations need to develop and grow or be left behind, but where resources are increasingly limited they need to do so efficiently and effectively. This is what project managers do – deliver on time, to budget, successfully. For the first time Project Managers can become Chartered and so this profound capability has become recognised as a profession in its own right. Joining a two year Level 4 Project Management Apprentice standard programme will provide your teams with access to a wealth of knowledge built up over years by our partner training provider (Parallel Project Training) that will underpin development of their own professional skills, towards delivering great projects.

Competence is borne from knowledge blended with experience and application. These Project Management Apprenticeships are based on the skills defined by The Association for Project Management (APM) using their accredited PMQ Qualification as the principal gateway. Competence development in the workplace is overseen by the Apprentice Mentor validated at the End Point Assessment. The Interserve Learning and Employment (ILE) programme is bound tightly into the APM Competence Framework providing direct alignment with the industry standard model for PM development. The assignments themselves will be valuable to the employer, adding productive input into real world situations in the workplace. Today more and more people are choosing project management as a first career and Project Manager Apprenticeships are a great way to start.

So Why Use ILE and Parallel?

For the Employer

  • Confidence that project work will be delivered in a managed, flexible and successful manner.
  • Use of resources will be optimised reducing waste and re-work
  • Enhancing a culture where success is the norm
  • Developing a cadre of competence at the Apprentice level that will grow as they learn and practice
  • Part of a journey that will see project management development continue past Level 4 perhaps to Chartered Status
  • Engagement with the professional project community
  • Unlike other short project management courses, Apprenticeship includes both theory, practice, and behaviours We have a track record of delivering Apprentice standards
  • Parallel have a ten year track record of training the Gateway level to similar cohorts
  • You will have a dedicated Apprentice Mentor and Cohort Tutor to support your teams throughout the programme
  • It’s cost effective through the use of modern learning techniques minimises travel, venues and time out of the office
  • Workplace assignments will add immediate value to the workplace

For the Apprentice

  • Be part of a cohort of learners on the same programme, building a network for life
  • Kick start their project management career with sound underpin of principles and fundamentals.
  • Option over time to work towards Chartered Project Professional
  • Learn from their peers and tutors
  • The programme combines both theory and practice with the opportunity to learn new skills and then apply them
  • Learn with recognised and expert project management consultant with real world project delivery experience.
  • A flexible range of learning material means that you can learn and study in a way that best suits your learning style.
  • A modern and flexible learning approach; using market leading webinars, podcasts, e-learning, study guides and face-to-face training
  • Accessible for people with domestic and other commitments

How the Apprenticeship for Associate Project Manager is delivered

We have either 18-month or a 24-month project management apprentice programme that allows you to establish the foundations of a successful career.

  1. The 18 month programme is for mature learners who are moving into project management from another career.  This approach focuses on developing knowledge and skills of effective project management. During the 18-month programme learners are assigned an apprentice mentor who will guide them through the journey.
  2. The 24 month programme is designed for new employees, who may need more pastoral care and guidance in the challenges of delivering projects as part of working life. The programme includes additional application workshops to consolidate the learning by applying it to a simulated project, before applying the new skills in the real world.

In addition both programmes include both theory and practice, with kick off workshops, regular webinars and set home work, study guides, e-learning, podcasts, mock examinations, thorough examination preparation and a thriving study group, it will appeal to the modern learner. Overseen from day one by the Apprentice Mentor this standard requires endpoint and gateway assessments. These assessments are conducted in three ways:

  1. 18 / 24 month On-Programme Journey – A period of teaching and learning to help the Apprentice develop the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours required of the Apprenticeship Standard and support the Apprentice to be ready for end point assessment.
  2. Gateway – Period at the end of the first ten months of the on-programme journey to determine if the Apprentice has demonstrated all the knowledge to be put forward for End Point Assessment. This is a three hour written exam.
  3. End Point Assessment – Carried out by an independent end point assessment organisation the Apprentice will need to demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and behaviours through a series of pre-defined assessment activities. The end point assessment of the associate project manager Apprenticeship consists of:
    • Presentation supported by portfolio of evidence
    • Professional discussion supported by portfolio of evidence

Apprentices are taught by project management training experts at Parallel Project Training, a fully accredited APM training provider in preparation for them sitting the APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ). This will also provide the Apprentices with their first step towards full membership of the APM. They can join the APM as Student Members during their Apprenticeship and upgrade to Associate Membership upon completion of their Apprenticeship. This teaching and learning will be delivered through a mixture of face-to-face and remote contacts with learning materials, objectives and progress monitoring supported by ILE’s Virtual Learning Environment.

The 18 months is split into four distinct phases:


1 - 12

  • Qualification sign up
  • Classroom 'kick off' session
  • 8 webinars led by Parallel Project Training
  • 12 supporting ILE Apprentice Mentor led 1-2-1 sessions or application workshops depending on the organisation preference
  • Apprentice undertakes progress reviews with employer
  • Apprentice develops the on-programme portfolio of evidence
  • Classroom APM-PMQ exam gateway preperation session
  • APM-PMQ gateway exam


12 - 18

  • 6 ILE Apprentice Mentor led 1-2-1 sessions
  • Apprenticeship end point assessment practice activity
  • Apprentice refines the on-programme portfolio of evidence
  • Apprentice undertakes progress reviews with employer
  • If required: APM-PMQ exam retake preparation and support



  • Gateway discussion with employer, Apprentice Mentor and Apprentice to determine if ready for the end point assessment of the Apprenticeship
  • If Apprentice ready for assessment then they will be invited to complete the independent end point assessment
  • If Apprentice not ready for assessment then the ILE Apprentice Mentor will undertake supportive activity with Apprentice to help them become fully prepared for the end point assessment


19 +

  • The independent end point assessment organisation will host the Apprentice for their end point assessment
  • If Apprentice passes: Apprenticeship will be achieved and certificate issued
  • If Apprentice fails: ILE Apprentice Mentor will support the Apprentice in the identified development areas and prepare for any retakes / resubmissions required

What Is The Subject Matter?

This Project Management Apprenticeship will cover the theory, skills, and behaviours of project management. The 18 month programme includes time to understand the theory of structured project management and apply it to real project situations.


  • Governance
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Consolidated planning
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Business case and benefits management
  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Resource management
  • Risk and issue management
  • Contract management and procurement
  • Quality
  • Project context


  • Governance
  • Stakeholder and communications management
  • Budgeting and cost control Business case
  • Scope management
  • Consolidated planning
  • Schedule management
  • Risk and issue management
  • Contract management and procurement
  • Quality management
  • Resource management


  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Effective and appropriate communication
  • Drive for results
  • Integrity, ethics, compliance and professionalism

Next Steps & Link To Overall Project Management Career Path

This Apprenticeship standard develops the competencies defined by the APM. This means it integrates with an overall career development roadmap potentially leading ultimately to Registered Project Professional (RPP - see figure A below)

Following a successful end point assessment and if they have the appetite and ability the Apprentice can develop further as a PM. The next step can be either an experiential route or a further qualification. The APM PPQ Qualification will allow them over 2 years to demonstrate the more advanced core and specific competencies required to be competent at delivering complex projects; PPQ is the most comprehensive assessment of professional project management capability available.

Following this and with more years of practical experience they may consider APM RPP, a pan-sector standard for those able to demonstrate competence in responsible leadership, who have the ability to manage the most complex of projects. RPP recognises those who can achieve success in complex projects, programmes and portfolios through the management of others. It assesses all elements of the APM FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism in a single standard, thereby enhancing professional status and recognition. It is anticipated that once the Apprentice has completed this roadmap, they will have done all they need to do to become a Chartered Project Professional. The compilation of a portfolio during the apprenticeship will pave the way for the RPP application. This continuity of your portfolio of evidence makes an Apprenticeship one of the best ways of starting your journey to professional project management.

For Employers

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