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Homework For Those Doing A 12 Week Self Study Course

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 20th September 2015

Question 12

Learning Outcomes Understand risk management and issue management

Question List and describe five benefits to an organisation of adopting a formal risk management process.
Marks 50 marks (10 marks each)

Question 13

Learning Outcomes Understand project quality management
Warning This question has two parts. Answer both parts.

Question Part (a) Explain the difference between continual improvement and project quality planning.
Marks 10 marks

Question Part (b) List and describe four aspects of project quality assurance.
Marks 40 marks (10 marks each)

Question 14

Learning Outcomes Understand project procurement

Question List and describe five typical stages in the process for selection of a supplier via competitive tender.
Marks 50 marks (10 marks each)