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A Quick Guide to the APMP Exam – Now Known as the APM PMQ

Added: 15th March 2021 Read More

Do Project Managers Need Technical Knowledge?

Added: 1st March 2021 Read More

Project Leadership Tips To Grow Your Career & Enhance Your Prospects

Added: 17th January 2021 Read More

Tackling supply chain complexity as a project manager

Added: 12th November 2020 Read More

Project management in the supply chain – what could your role involve?

Added: 9th November 2020 Read More

Why project management matters

Added: 17th August 2020 Read More

Project Management FAQs

Added: 17th July 2020 Read More

Why continue with PM training when you’re already in the job?

Added: 18th June 2020 Read More

Our Guide to the confusing world of Outcomes, Outputs, Benefits, Products, Deliverables, Tasks, Activities, Work Packages, Inputs and Resources.

Added: 11th June 2020 Read More

Digital project management training tips for busy project managers

Added: 19th May 2020 Read More

3 signs of burnout in a project manager – and what to do about it

Added: 19th May 2020 Read More

5 Barriers To Communications And How To Overcome Them

Added: 21st April 2020 Read More

Parallel LIVE! Part 1. What is BoK7? And all about online exams.

Added: 18th April 2020 Read More

10 Critical Attributes For A Project Kick-Off Meeting

Added: 16th April 2020 Read More

Project Planning Techniques

Added: 14th April 2020 Read More

Existing Elearning Customers – The New Body Of Knowledge

Added: 9th April 2020 Read More

Preferred Online Webinar / Video Conference Tools Software

Added: 1st April 2020 Read More

Working From Home: Six Tips To Keep Your Project On Track

Added: 21st March 2020 Read More