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    Got my exam tomorrow and feeling unprepared despite doing revision constantly for the last two weeks. I’m finding it hard to retain the detail in my head. Has anyone else suffered with this? Any coping techniques?


    Paul Naybour


    It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed before an exam. You will see Adrian first thing Friday morning and he will take you through exam techniques. A bit of stress will focus you and drive your motivation, too much can be overwhelming.

    I would recommend trying a few more questions. Try five factors that make up a projects context? Or five benefits of risk management? Don’t just look them up in the book but write your own answer and post them here. I will look at them for you.



    Thanks Paul 🙂


    Hope you got on okay Sam! I always feel stressed before an exam no matter how well I revise so I haven’t yet found a technique that stops that happening. I sit mine in two weeks and fully expecting to feel nauseous!



    Hello Paul,

    I am trying to create a new topic for getting feedback but every time I go to the APM PMQ study group in the forum, it logs me out (not sure why).

    The question would be: Explain 5 challenges a PM has when working in a programme

    1) The project manager has the programme manager as the sponsor but not in isolated projects. The project manager is far from the client in the organigram of the overall programme. Therefore, the PM might not be directly involved on some of the key decisions and is controlled by the programme manager.
    2) There is a distance between the project manager and the end costumer. The output is delivered to the client through the programme. Adding another layer to the deliverable can produce misinterpretation and confusion unless well managed.
    3) In relation to governance, the project manager might not understand the programme role and the programme governance overhead. The programme has own governance structure arrangements.
    4) In relation to management, the project manager needs the time to liaise and work along with other project managers as there is an inter relationship between projects more complex. This requires reliance and commitment to managerial meetings and coordinating activities with others.
    5) In relation to resources, the project manager might need to release resources in his project for working in other projects that are part of the programme and might be considered a priority. A justification needs to be prepared if resources are needed showing the balance on costs/risks versus benefits/returns. The programme manager will support the PM on this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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