Project Completion Estimates

Estimating Techniques: A Beginner’s Guide

Estimating is an essential part of project management planning. Learning how to perform and understand an estimate is a critical skill for a project manager to have. There are a number of estimating techniques that you can use, and we have included four key ones here as a starting point. What are the key estimating […]

benefits management tips for project managers

Benefits Management: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction The point of undertaking any project is to introduce a change that will have a resulting benefit. A benefit is the positive outcome of the project, or the thing that the project has achieved which provides something new, different or better. Without benefits, what is the point in doing the project? Benefits are the […]

project planning and control

Change Management: A Beginner’s Guide

Change management is arguably one of the most important project management processes. Change is at the heart of every project. All projects seek to bring about positive, measurable changes. In order for these changes to be the most impactful and successful that they can be, it is important to control and manage them. This article […]