Conflict Managment

Paul Naybour

Question 2 from the Exam Paper – for comment etc. 

Am I the only one to think the question doesn’t seem to be asking for much?  What am I missing?


List and describe a source of conflict arising within each of the following parts of the project life cycle:

  • Concept
  • Definition
  • Implementation
  • Handover
  • Closeout


Concept – over the projects priorities

This is where views may differ been the projects participants, such as the project sponsor, over such topics as the sequencing of activities and tasks that need to be undertaken to achieve successful project completion.  It needs to be resolved because it feeds into the business case.

Definition – over administrative procedures

These may develop regarding the management of the project.  For example, the definition of the project manager’s reporting relationships, responsibilities, operational requirements, plan of execution and procedures for administrative support.  It needs to be resolved because it affects the project management plan.

Implementation – over technical opinions and performance trade-offs

These may be technical or personality based within the team environment when members are too closed minded to compromise, someone wants their own way or has a preference for a way of doing something.  This suggests conflict is negative.  If properly managed conflict can lead to a positive outcome particularly in a problem solving environment.

Handover – over manpower resources

May develop over the redeployment and redistribution of manpower towards the end of the project when key resources can be lost from one project and allocated to another.

Closeout – over schedules

When disagreements may develop around timing, sequencing and scheduling of project related task.

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