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5 Benefits Of Managing Groups Of Projects As A Programme

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 14th May 2012

 1) Improved ability to manage project interdependencies.  Through managing the related projects a program, the programme manager has greater visibility of where projects have interdependencies to ensure that resources are directed appropriately and that these interdependencies don’t cause delays and reduce the ability of the programme to deliver the strategic benefits to the business. 

2) Ability to manage risk, issues and changes across the programme.  The programme manager and sponsor will have a hollistic view of the various risks, issues and changes which will allow them to assess which could have the most impact to the desired benefits of the programme and prioritize resources to address mitigating them.

3) Ability to initiate, accelerate or terminate projects within the programme.  As programmes are benefits focused, the programme manager and sponsor can focus on the projects which will ultimately deliver the most strategic benefits to the business.

4)  Managing resource availability.  Managing projects as a program will allow you to more easily idnetify where there are resource issues across projects and ensure that resources are assigned to the projects that will deliver the most strategic benefit to the business. 

5) Focusing on definition of management of strategic benefits.  This will ensure that the project ‘mix’ is optimal to achieve the desired objectives to the business