Updates To The APM Registered Project Professional (RPP)

Paul Naybour

APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) is an internationally recognised standard across all industries that recognises the ability to manage complex projects, programmes or portfolios, competent leadership and a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD).

Anyone with the required level of experience in a project environment can achieve this standard by submitting a written portfolio of evidence detailing their experience and by undergoing a professional review in the form of an assessment interview by RPP accredited peer assessors.

The RPP standard has recently been updated with two new key features:

  • It has been aligned to the APM Competence Framework 2nd edition
  • There is now an additional route to gaining the RPP standard that acknowledges achievement of the APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) or APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ)

Since 2011 Parallel Project Training have been providing workshops for RPP candidates in how to best present their portfolio of evidence and how to most effectively articulate relevant skills and experience during the professional review/assessment interview. This programme is delivered via face to face or remote coaching workshops and is does not require candidates to be members of the APM.

Who Can Apply To Become A Registered Project Professional?

Any project professional with sufficient breadth of technical knowledge, the practical competence to apply that knowledge, and a commitment to continuing professional development and ethical practice can apply for the APM RPP.

How Is Relevant Experience And Knowledge Demonstrated?

If you have already achieved the APM-PQ or the APM-PPQ you will only need to demonstrate the application of your existing knowledge.

If you do not hold either the APM-PQ or APM-PPQ qualifications your will need to provide evidence of your knowledge in addition to demonstrating the application of that knowledge.

The Parallel workshops can help you gather all the relevant information you will need whether you have existing qualifications or not.

What Is Covered in the RPP Workshops?

The Application Process

This includes a review of background information such as projects, programmes or portfolios to be used as evidence of knowledge and application of that knowledge. Also how to demonstrate leadership responsibilities and the management of: uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting objectives and severe risks.

A qualified RPP coach provides support and guidance in the preparation of an application, and advice on the suitability of the material to include.

The application process covers topics such as:

  • Project Planning
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Motivating and Managing people

More details of the application process can be found at https://www.parallelprojecttraining.com/courses/apm-rpp

Assessment Interview Coaching

For those who have successfully complete the application process a subsequent workshop prepares candidates for the interview stage by developing their interview skills with a focus on their own personal presentation material.

The status gained through the APM RPP is a valuable asset for a project manager’s career development and could lead to a Chartered Project Professional accreditation.

APM RPP also enhances the professional standing of organisations whose project managers achieve this status because it demonstrates that their project managers are not only well-qualified but also up-to-date with current skills and best practise.

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