Your Project’S Last Day – What To Think About

Paul Naybour

You have finally come to the end of a mammoth project and you’re on the very last day with 8 hours left on the clock before it is all over and completed. It probably feels like you’ve been working on this project for your entire life, and it isn’t over quite yet even though you’re on your last day. There are still tasks to complete before your project managing is over on this project. No matter how many projects you have completed, there are always improvements to be made to ensure the ends are tied up properly.

Here are a few things to think about on your project’s last day:

Handing Over Fully
Some parts of the project won’t have been listed in the brief so far because the project needed to close first. This is your last opportunity to ensure the people you are delivering the products to understand everything and know where to find everything. Do they know where the change logs are? Are the email archives included? Are all the project decisions detailed enough? Ask yourself these questions to ensure your handover is full and so you don’t walk away immediately kicking yourself at the bits you forgot to leave in.

Your electronic files need to be archived so they can still be accessed, but aren’t in the way of the new projects you will be completing. This is basic organisation but it helps a lot especially with mental closure.

Assessing what lessons have been learned is important, and ensuring that information is available to everyone is also important. Without this constant education from mistakes made on past projects, we cannot learn and improve what we do moving forward.

Never assume everyone involved in the project knows it is closed. Get in touch with everyone by email or over the phone to let them know the project closes today. The most important stakeholders should be called personally.

Thank You’s & Recognition
Have certain stakeholders been really helpful during this project? Has a member of your team moved forward leaps and bounds? Has a colleague made some gloomy days completely bearable? Whoever needs thanking or recognising for their efforts should get those thanks today while you are still able to contact them. You never know what someone’s next step is, so thank them while you can and while the project is still fresh in your mind.

Last Sponsor Call
Obviously your sponsor will have all the information you have sent over, but it is still a good idea to call them personally. Thank them for all their support and help.

Budgets & Contracts Need To Be Closed
Hopefully these are already closed, but it is important to check it is all shut down again before the project closes. Speak to the person who has been dealing with the finances to check all is as it should be.

Enjoy It!
Once everything is done, it is so important you enjoy yourself and celebrate the end of the project. This could be drinks after work, a coffee and a cake, a picnic – whatever suits your group the best.

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