Answer To Question 9 In The 6.1 Quick Quiz

Paul Naybour

I was doing well on answering the quiz on section 6.1 until I got no 9 wrong. The question states: the business case leads directly into the project management plan. True or false? I looked at my project life cycle chart and answered false because between the buisness case being drawn up and the project management plan being drawn up is the definition phase. Can you explain why I am wrong?

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  1. The Business Case and Project Plan are directly related. (Maybe we could have got the wording better). The point we wanted to make is that the Business case is updated at the end definition to reflect the output of definition. The costs or timescales may have changed as a result to all that planning. So the two documents need to stay in step with each other.

    Thanks for asking the question, I hope this has helped to clarify things.

  2. I think it’s possibly just due to the phrasing of the question. On a time chart then yes, the business case is drawn up which leads to the definition phase of the life cycle which leads to the project management plan. If you think however of writing the project management plan, I think you would take the business case and use this as your starting point, so in that case the business case leads directly into the project management plan. Not sure if I’m right on that though!

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