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The below is information that may be useful for corporate IT teams enabling exams online who are whitelisting the APM exam portal.

Links to whitelist:

Information for IT Teams:

The “BTL Surpass” assessment platform is a turnkey solution powering the development and delivery of tests for credentialing and licensure organisations, schools, Higher Education, governments and national testing programmes across the world. It has securely delivered over 25 million tests in test centres or through secure online invigilation with “Proctor Exam”. This document sets out the information required for providing technical support to employees who are seeking to undertake an APM exam using equipment owned and administered by their organisation.

IT Requirements


To take an online exam using BTL Surpass and with remote invigilation carried out by ProctorExam, it’s necessary for a candidate to have two devices – one laptop/desktop computer and one smartphone or tablet.

Both devices must have a webcam and microphone and must allow external websites to have access to those webcams and microphones.

Please see detailed specifications below:
 Laptop/desktop with Windows 8 (or higher) or MAC OS X (latest and previous releases)
 A webcam is required (maximum resolution of 1280 x 720), along with a microphone and audio. Ensure the microphone and camera are allowed in

 Android 4.1+ and iOS 8.0+ smart devices – smartphone or tablet – with a camera.
 To enable the dual camera monitoring, the ProctorExam app needs to be downloaded onto this device. Please Note: Huawei P30 and Google Pixel 3 are not compatible with the app.

Internet Speed
 A reliable internet connection is required, via either an ethernet cable or a strong wireless network. Being close to the router and with no other equipment using the same network is also recommended, if at home.
 We recommend a minimum of 1.5Mbit/s upload, 10Mbit/s download and ping under 25 ms. I would test these before and after the exam at

Speed Test by Measurement Lab

 Tethering to the internet via a mobile phone is not supported.

Latest version of Google Chrome

In order to take the examination, candidates need to use the latest version of Google Chrome and have it set as their default internet browser so may need the following information from corporate IT teams enabling exams online.

Candidates will need to install a screen sharing extension and allow pop-ups from Proctor Exam as below:

 Install the Proctor Exam extension:
 Click on “Add to Chrome”
 Click on “Add extension”.

Allow ProctorExam pop-ups in Chrome – by doing the following:

  • Type chrome://settings/content into the address bar and press Enter.
  • Select Pop-ups from the Content Settings screen.
  • In ‘Allow’, click ‘Add’ and enter

Please whitelist the following sites:


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