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APMP Preparation

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 1st February 2018

This post is for anyone who is studying for the APM PMQ exam (previously the APMP exam). It contains both standard and no-standard questions for delegates to practise prior to their exam…

Describe Five Health And Safety Duties Of A Project Manager

This is an easy type of question for a project manager in the construction sector. However, keep it simple. Five paragraphs of 2-3 sentences each is enough.

Explain The Benefits Of Project Management – Five Points

This is a simple question. Write five paragraphs of 2-3 sentences each describing the advantages of project management. Each paragraph should describe a distinct benefit and if possible be illustrated by an example

What Would Be The Consequences Of Poor Requirements Management?

This is a bit of an obtuse question, but think about the things that would go wrong in the design and acceptance phases of the project if the requirements were not understood and documented. It is just the benefits of requirements management from the opposite perspective. Write five paragraphs of three sentences.

What Are The Advantages Of Earned Value Management? 5 Points

In this question you have to write five paragraphs of three sentences each describing the advantages of earned value. Typical areas might be: 1) Predicts cost and time outcomes, 2) Visual communication helps executives, 3) Provides view of performance to date, 4) May give corrective measures 5) Predictive tool which gives early warning signs. Each of these need expanding into a paragraph explaining how this is done and the benefits.

3 APMP Exam Starter Questions

Anyone preparing to take the APMP exam should think about how they would answer questions like:

  • What is the difference between a project and business as usual, make five points in your answer?
  • Describe five key duties of the project manager across the project life cycle?
  • Describe five actions which are the responsibility of the project sponsor? 

Each answer should be made up of five short paragraphs with 2-3 sentences in each.

Another APMP Style Question

What are some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of using project management software to plan a project schedule. (make five points in your question)

The trick in this question is not treat it very simply and just describe a number of advantages and a disadvantage. Each paragraph should be two or three sentences. Fist state the advantage (or disadvantage), then explain in in a bit more then detail, finally provide and example.

3 More Questions To Try Before The Exam

1) What is the difference between a project and business as usual operations? (make five points in you answer each point should be a paragraph of at least three sentences in your answer)

2) Describe five key responsibilities of a project manager (again make five points in you answer each point should be a paragraph of at least three sentences in your answer) ?

3) What are the benefits of effective project management (again make five points in you answer each point should be a paragraph of at least three sentences in your answer)

Explain What Is Meant By Resource Management (10 Marks)

Resource management is the proactive approach of managing resources on a project i.e. human and other project resources. The project manager will need to make sure resources are managed efficiently and will need to consider things like the availability of the resources i.e. when people are available to work. Also, if there are any limitations in undertaking project activities for example, if making upgrades to a live IT system when is the window of opportunity to make the upgrades without affecting the users. This could be done overnight.

State 10 main characteristics of Projects 

The ten main characteristics of projects would be the following.

• The application of process to achieve the project goals

• The project is temporary and will have finite duration

• A budget allocation is created

• A business plan has been created

• There are risk and change management process

• A project management plan has been developed

• The stakeholder will be engaged from the beginning

• Project leadership

• The project is monitored and controlled

• There will be specific goals and benefits created from the project