Project Management Is Becoming A True Profession

Paul Naybour

Around the world project management is changing. It’s now all about professionals delivering successful projects which produce real benefits for organisations and their customers. Project managers help companies make better decisions, reduce costs, increase profits, and communicate more effectively.

Good project managers are aligned in their approach, create effective and accountable structures, define clear roles and responsibilities, use common terminology and instil values of trust. We’ll help you to develop these valued skills, so that you can be a good project manager, more than that you’ll be able to become a great project manager. One with a successful track record and enhanced career prospects.
As a project manager you face many choices and one of these is deciding which development roadmap you should follow. The main choices are PRINCE2, the PMI or APM.
PRINCE2 is a method sponsored by the UK government and is extensively used in the UK public sector and industries that service this market. As a result it has become the de-facto standard for many projects in the UK.
The PMI is the Project Management Institute in the USA and their PMP credential is the most widely recognised qualification in the world with over 400,000 PMP professionals. This certification is ideal if you work, or aspire to work, in a global market.
The APM is the UK Association for Project Management, and as a professional body they focus on competence development. Of the three the APM offer you the most complete development roadmap. They start at an introductory level and progress to “Registered Project Professional” for the managers of complex projects.
Whichever roadmap you select our Academy develops confidence and capability; you can become certified to any of these project management standards, and ultimately be capable of delivering the most complex projects around.
With us you can learn in your own way, with cost effective and flexible printed guides, online e-learning, podcasts on iTunes, and there’s even an online study group for exam preparation. In the classroom, slides are few and far between – you will be too busy running mini-projects, reducing risk, planning budgets and resources, all the things needed to get you those skills and qualifications.
If that all sounds like what you’re looking for, get in touch with us, and we’ll work together to help you become not just a good project manager, but a great one.

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