Contents Of Project Management Method – Feedback Please

Paul Naybour

List and describe five typical contents (eg. Process, components, techniques) of a structured Project Management Method?
1. People and organisation;
2. Products;
3. Process;
4. Templates for documentation; and
5. Tools
1. People and Organisation: A Project method will have a standard way of describing the individual roles and efficiently who does what. The common terms to be adopted are those Sponsor, Project Manager, Project office. etc., for example a standard forms of Author, Checker and Approver briefs provides the roles and responsibilities of each so that they have clarity of what is their role to meet the project objectives/deliverables.
2. Products: The products are described as all those things produced by the Project. They may be help to run the Project (example: PMP, schedule, risk log etc.,) or they may directly related to output of the project and form part of the deliverables to the client (example: producing a detailed design engineering report, drawings, Bill of Quantities, etc.,). The products shows the capability of the organisation.
3. Process: The process are those steps that need to be followed to run the project, the framework in which the project will be managed. For example risk management, the process is the way in which risk are identified, assessed, planned and managed through the life cycle.
4. Templates for Documentation: These are the standard predetermined templets which are highlighted with populated text and helpful hints that have been incorporated as a results of experience in earlier Projects. For example a business case, PMP, Standard templates for tender documents, standard template of design spread sheets. This provides the consistency to the Organisation
5. Tools: Some methods include specific tools that can be deployed. These are the specific tools that can assist the project team for practical solutions and to be used on their day-to-day activities. For example, info works model software will be used as a tool for drainage network designs optimisation.

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