Parallel Launch Updated Courses Based On 6th Ed. APM Bok

Paul Naybour

Parallel Project Training is pleased to announce that today they have released a new version of their highly successful APM Project Management Qualification course (formerly known as the APMP). This new course is based on the 6th Edition of the Association for Project Management Body of Knowledge. Using Parallel’s well established and popular blended learning system this new course offers some significant developments and benefits compared to the other blended learning approaches. These include

  1. Podcasts for each section of the Body of Knowledge. The 6th edition version of this course includes 31 podcasts covering every section of the syllabus. The podcasts have proved highly popular with over 400,000 download since they were originally launched in 2009. These latest versions have had over 4,500 downloads on the day of release. They are available as part of our integrated e-learning course via the Parallel Project Training website. For ease of mobile access they are also available from the iTunes store or on Android via an RSS feed which can be used with many of the available podcast apps.
  2. Updated APMP study guide. Our study guide has become the defacto reference for people preparing for the APM Project Management Qualification. Over 4,500 people have used it to study for the APM project management qualification. Everyone tells us they like the way that it portrays the APM Body of Knowledge and exam syllabus in simple and consistent language. With plenty of case studies, exercises and sample exam questions the book is based on over 20 years’ experience delivering APMP training. The new book has been fully updated to match the new syllabus with new sections on Environmental and Employment legislation.
  3. E-learning. As part of the review we have taken the opportunity to re-build from scratch the e-learning to support the courses. Our new e-learning is designed to be bite-size and media rich. Used in conjunction with the study guide it provides a punchy overview of the topics in the APM Project Management Qualification.
  4. Exam prep study group. As part of our distance learning package we are continuing our on-line exam prep study group. This group now includes 450 people preparing for, or having taken the APMP with Parallel. Offering on-line tutor support and review of sample questions our study group provides those doing distance learning, blended courses or modular training with access to our tutors.

This is not the only change taking place with the APMP qualification. The Association for Project Management have also decided to rename the qualification as the APM Project Management Qualification (APMP). We very much welcome this change as many people used to ask what to APMP stand for. The new name makes it clear what this qualification is, and that is the first step for anyone embarking on a career as a professional project manager.
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Our transition plans

All APM Project Management Qualification (APMP) distance learning courses and public courses from today will be based on the new 6th edition course material.  For corporate clients we will discuss individual transition plans but would recommend moving over to the new material as soon as possible.

For the APM Introductory Certificate (now called the APM Foundation Qualification) there are no changes in the objectives for the course between the 5th and 6th editions of the APM Body of Knowledge. The only change is that they are now called assessment criteria and not learning objectives. The APM are working on a new version of the APM IC study guide “starting out in project management”. Our plans are to update this course once the new study guide is available from the APM.   Until this point we will continue with the 5th edition versions of this exam.

The 5th edition qualification is being withdrawn at the end of December 2014, after this time we will withdraw the 5th edition podcasts and e-learning from our website. For those who purchased the 5th edition material and do not complete their study by the end of December 2014 we will offer an upgrade to the 6th edition for £50 (plus VAT) to cover the cost of the new book and admin in migrating them to the new e-learning package.
Needless to say that to remain as future proof as possible, any new study should be based on the 6th Edition material, please let us know at the time of booking if you wish to do otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Parallel Launch Updated Courses Based On 6th Ed. APM Bok”

  1. Hello Paul,
    Please note I found difficulties with pod-casts for sections 4 and 14 as below:
    When I press links to:
    APM Project Management Qualification 6th Edition Section 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 Project Roles
    it starts playing section 3-1.
    APM Project Management Qualification 6th Edition Section 4.1 Project, Matrix and Functional Org
    it starts playing section 10-7 to 10-9.
    APM Project Management Qualification 6th Edition Section 14 Procurement
    it starts playing section 3-8.

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