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Interesting Reads About Project Management

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 17th April 2014

Project Management Important For Generating Real Business Value

Recent research by global management company Mannaz indicates that Project Management is one of the most important capabilities in an organisation for generating real business value. The research suggests the most important prerequisites to ensure projects deliver on their stated objectives are the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as securing stakeholder agreement. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities were also key factors in achieving success as was a flexible and agile approach to change within a project. Not surprisingly cost was a number one priority for most organisations.

Achieving project success is about empowering people to take responsibility

A thought-provoking read by Rene Carayol , who points out that the recent Project Management Benchmark Report 2014 reveals that 97 per cent of organisations think PM is critical to business performance, but worryingly, only 54 per cent of organisations fully understand the value of PM. Even more alarmingly, fewer than two thirds of projects meet their goals and objectives, and a desperate 19 per cent fail outright. Strikingly, success is instructively due to 20 per cent processes and procedures (the “hard” skills) and 80 per cent is down to attitude and behaviour (the “soft” skills).

Comparing Project Management To Organising a Surprise Party

An interesting read on GRCC Today that compares the elements of arranging a surprise party to the project management process (set date, find venue, arrange food and drink, make cake, invite guests etc.) And how the ability to accommodate and even capitalise on change is important when things don’t go to plan – especially when managing projects. Control of the schedule is essential to be able to update it as and when necessary and to ensure that the updated schedule can still accommodate all necessary activities, still provide the resources and meet the deadlines.

Celebrating People in Project Management

Last week was the official launch party for the Gower Handbook of People in Project Management. Arras People held the launch event  at the National Centre for Project Management in Hatfield which they felt was a fitting place to bring together just some of the 50 odd authors who contributed to the Handbook. The book brings together all those soft skills; behavioural aspects of project management; career related issues and lots of other areas such as NLP; change and spirituality.

A project manager’s guide to smiling

A must-read from to encourage PMs to smile more! The chemical effect that smiling has on our mind and bodies is the reason why humour is such an important part of every aspect of our lives, including the professional life of a project manager. The most successful project teams are those in which humour exists within the group’s dynamics. When exercised appropriately, humour can do wonders to improve team performance.

How Project Management Compares to Playing in an Orchestra

Another interesting read by Lisa Ricciuti  about the similarities between playing in an orchestra and working on a project.
1.     Every participant is focused on the same end goal of completion (project or concert).
2.     Dependencies exist between tasks and players.
3.     Tasks/phrases are completed and set up so the next person can take over.
4.     We follow the leader (conductor for the musicians, project manager (PM) for project folks).

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