Effecttive Closeout – Feedback Required

Paul Naybour

Explain what is meant by the term project closeout (10 Marks)?

Project closeout phase occurs
after development has been completed and the project has gone live. The aim is
to close the project down in an orderly manner and ensure that all necessary
activity has been completed to ensure a successful transition to BAU. Without
effective closeout their can be a negative impact on BAU, and no recognition
that the project has actually ended. The project manager finds it difficult to
leave the project.
Explain making four points in your answer why it is important to
conduct effective closeout (40 Marks)?
Booking / Reconciling time – All
time relating to the project needs to be accounted for and reconciled. This
could be for charging the customer, paying a supplier and would also feed into
future projects through the continuous improvement process.  Without performing this activity we would not
be able to establish the costs of project implementation and measure against
Staff Appraisal – All members of
the project team should have an appraisal to assess their performance within
the project. Positive behaviours can be rewarded through providing promotion,
personal growth and setting new challenges and less favourable performance may
identify weaknesses or skills gaps which requires additional training to bring
to an acceptable level. Failure to appraise staff can lead to a lack of
motivation in future projects bringing a lower level of performance impacting
on project delivery.
Handover of project to BAU
During the project documentation should have been produced such as operational
guides and training provided to the end users. During closeout the project
manager should ensure that users are fully conversant with the operational
practices and how to efficiently and safefy operation the products. Failure to
do so can significantly impact on live operations reducing efficiency and
effectiveness, potentially jeopordising employee safety.
Lessons Learned – Lessons learned
reports are produced, discussed and agreed by the relevant stakeholders. They
provide a mechanism by which processes and products can be improved. Failure to undertake lessons learned
has a negative impact on quality for the organisation which leads to
inefficiency, increased cost, increased timescales for future projects.

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