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5 Ways In Which Programme Management Supports Strategic Change

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 19th February 2012

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Programme management can be a vital enabler for an organisation in helping it deliver strategic change. It can do this in the following ways:


1.       By their very nature, programmes consist of multiple projects that are interdependent of each other and when combined help the business achieve its strategic objectives. By focusing in this structured way, projects are not ad-hoc in nature, nor do they duplicate or contradict each other. In effect all projects are working towards delivering strategic change.

2.       Programmes have a “vision”. This specifies the change required and activity within programmes is designed to achieve this vision.

3.       Programmes have a strong sense of benefits management. This means the products delivered have real purpose and can quickly be deployed into business as usual; thus accelerating strategic change.

4.       Programmes have a robust approach to risk management, thereby ensuring that issues impacting the programme are suitably mitigated or minimised and providing increased likelihood of delivering strategic change.

5.       Programmes provide the business with greater levels of effective resource management, deploying the right resource to the right project at the right time. This stops “bottle necks” and delays; providing an increased likelihood of delivering strategic change.