Feeback Request For Answer: Organisation Structures Question

Paul Naybour

1 Explain three examples of a Matrix Organisation Structure when used in a Project Environment 30 marks
1. A highly integrated Matrix structure has a sophisticated and developed resource management system, whereby integrated resource tools may be in place to confirm the resource skills sets, and when the resource are available for deployment by a Project. The system my be integrated across many departments allowing the Project Manager greater visibility of available resources.  The functional line managers of the staff are used to interfacing with Project Managers and proactively assist the Project Managers in the deployment of staff to projects. The Project Managers and the Functional line managers of the staff  may communicate regularly via resource meetings to resolve resource availability and performance issues.
2. A medium integrated Matrix Structure allows for some visibility of resource within a few departments, but the lack of resource tools or time on behalf of the functional managers results in a lower level of communication and cooperation between the functional managers and the Project Manager, making resource deployment more time consuming for the Project Manager.
3. A low integrated Matrix Structure does not have a developed resource management system in place. The Organisation may be smaller deeming it unnecessary. However if this is not the case then the  Project Manager will need to spend more time seeking resources for the project, utilising influencing and communicating skills to gain the resource necessary to deliver the outputs of the project.

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