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List and explain 5 roles within a project organisation

Within a project organisation the 5 roles are

1 Project Manager within a project organisation
2 Team Members within a project organisation
3 Project Offices within a project organisation
4 Sponsor within a project organisation
5 User/Client within a project organisation
Five roles within a project organisation are:
The reason a project organisations will have defined roles is to ensure each and every member know what their responsibilities and accountabilities are in order to deliver a successful project. This also helps and assist the PM with ensuring the right team is put together for the relevant project drawing on strengths and supporting others. Each and every role is important in the delivery of a sucessful project.
1 Project manager,
The project manager is accountable in ensuring the project is delivered within, Time, cost, quality, scope as well as ensuing the benefits are realised.
Ensuring the project is being delivered to the defined scope agreed by the customer/user and signed off by the sponsor, ensuring regular reviews are being taken place and any changes happened and are communicated out including the updating of the PMP and plan.
Any slippage to scope can have an impact on, time, cost, deliverables, programme, resource.
Therefore it is important regular reviews milestones and stage gates happen and are signed off as acceptance and approval.
The defined and agreed timescales for the project, if the project is being delivered to the agreed business case and being managed through an identified process defined within the pmp the project should have a limited room for slippage. However if the project is not delivered within the agreed time, it will have a negative impact on projects, resources, scope, agreed pilot insulations, 1st of type, cost, scope,

Cost ensuring the project is deliverable within the defined budget, by having the required reviews and ensuring a well-defined plan is in place, continuous reviews this and by setting out the work packages and procurement exercises this should help support to cost.

• However if the project has issues, problems or comes across undefined and unaccounted problems then this can have a negative impact on the project.

• Quality, by agreeing and defining the PMP plan the project manager has a guide in which they can follow and this will outline the various process and people who need to be involved by following this it will ensure quality to the delivery of the project.

If the plan is not followed and various reviews undertaken the project will have issues and concerns and the quality will not be delivered as required.

2 Team members,

Support the project manager – Assistance with the interface with sponsor and client, project liaison with other project resource, ensuring the project is delivered to the agreed timescale and in accordance with the agreed and approved business plan and to the PMP.

• Supporting Governance _Help support the project manager with the delivery of the project, ensuring governance is maintained and due process is followed, as well as support and updating of the pmp plan and various documents contained in this.
• Undertake project reviews – support the project manager with the necessary stage gate reviews and updating the project plans, reporting up ensuring issues and risks are mitigated and recorded.
• Interface with client and other stakeholders, continue conversations with for ensuring benefits are still being realised and support in reviews and help in the project.

• If we did not have team members the project manager would have to do everything their selves and therefore task and actions would not get done, records would not be maintained

3 Project offices, the project office is a vital part of a project team, as it supports the PM with

• Governance, guidance,

• Training, resource,

 Document control documents,
• Change panels/change control:
• Client interface, the sponsor is the main point of contact with the client, he will help develop the business case and work with the client to realise and understand the benefits, times scales and confirm wants and needs, as well deciding what is a viable project and not just a want or nice to have, something that will bring an improvement to the business.

• Secure finance, the sponsor will liaise with the relevant financial departments and finance teams in securing the required funding for the project.

• Owns the business case – the sponsor owns the business case, this is a document of what the project is about, how it will be delivered, what is being done, why this project is being undertaken, who will be supporting the project, when the project will be done timescales, where the project is for, what the inputs and outputs will be,

 Dispute resolution – the sponsor will be the interface between any disputes and will normally have the final say and sort issues out.

 Without the support of the project sponsor, there would be no one to ensure the project is maintaining the deliverables, supporting the PM with the project and client interface. Without this the project would more than likely slip and costs would spiral as the client says they want black walls, but actually want green.. The sponsor signs off at each stage gate ensuring tasks, actions are completed and that stage has been completed before moving on.at each stage gate review.

• Decide what the project is – the user/client is the person/s who has had an idea of what they want to do and why they want to do the project or projects.

• What the benefit is – what is the project trying to achieve, reliability, efficiency, costs, improve maintance, improve product outputs, and upgrade existing technology.
• Provide the funding, the client/user will provide the necessary funding for the desired project

• Attend review meeting and sign off – the client/user will attend the relevant workshops, gate reviews, technical reviews change reviews to ensure the project is still meeting their requirements and that the project is still need and the benefits are still being realised and no unforeseen issues have happened, review and update risks with the project team.

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