5 Key Benefits Of Using A Programme Management Approach

Paul Naybour

1. If you are the programme manager you will have ultimate control over the programme, you will have a clear picture of what projects are in the programme and by having a programme management approach you will be able to define, accelerate or terminate projects depending on how they are performing and whether they are meeting their targets. For example one of the projects may have experienced unforeseen additional works, if these works were included it would mean that the project is not viable, at this point you may choose to remove the project and replace it with another project in order to still meet the predicted spend for the year.
2. By having a programme management approach you have the ability to link the projects with each other, this will also give you an indication on how they can impact on business as usual for example you may have a project to introduce a new IT system but you need to ensure the organisation have the staff in place to install the system.
3. Under the programme management approach a programme manager will have the ability to draw in resources from either within the organisation or externally dependent on the demand for specialist input. For example the IT system that you are installing may need a specialist to ensure that it is being installed correctly
4. By having a programme management approach it will give the programme manager the ability to assess any potential risks that have arisen or may arise dependent on the projects. By having regular meetings with the project managers and contractors it will help to identify these early enough to be able to address them before they have an impact of the programme.
5. Programme management will give you a clear objective as to what is in the programme and why the projects are being put together, this will be in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation to ensure that the long term benefits of the stakeholders are being met and how the projects will meet these.

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