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6a. List and describe three advantages of a matrix organisation when used in the project environment

1. Resource visibility. The PM can see resource and availability across the organisation and request resource in advance to ensure it is available when needed. Under utilisation is avoided as resource is allocated flexibly between projects.

2. Clear projects manager authority. The PM has authority through the structure of the organisation and this will be help him to direct the team and deal with stakeholders.

3. Skills are maintained by the organisation. Where as skills are lost in project organisation, skilled resource can be kept in an matrix organisation. When a project ends the skilled resource will simply be reassigned to a new project.

6b. List and describe two disadvantages of a matrix organisation.

1. The organisation requires a mature a detailed view resource across teams and this can be difficult to achieve when dealing with many different roles.

2. Team members may experience conflict between their line mange and their project manager, as they will be allocated work from either and may need to prioritise time between them.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for submitting this answer, sorry for the delay for some reason I stopped getting notifications of your posts. You need to split the list parts away from the description. Have a look at this answer guidance here

    You get 50 marks per answer and a maximum of 2 marks per sentence. So whilst your answer is technically correct it would only score, 18/50 or 36%.

    In each paragraph try to discuss the

    1) Why?

    2) How?

    3) What?

    4) Where?

    5) Example?

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