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Paul Naybour

List and describe five roles associated with a project environment include in your answers the responsibility of each role  

Not sure if I have enough detail – feedback will be appreciated.

1. Project Sponsor

2. Project Manager

3. Users

4. Suppliers

5. Team

1.  The project sponsor owns the business case and ensure the realisation of the benefits.  The project manager will deliver the product but the project sponsor are responsible for ensuring that it meets the benefits set out.  The project sponsor will help the project manager in the management of key stakeholders with an active interest in the project i.e. when implementing a new back office system the decommissioning of the old system will potentially lead to a reduction in operating costs.
2. The project manager manages the project by implementing the plans and processes in the project management plan (PNP).  They manage the team, report progress and will seek support from the sponsor.  The project manager will be accountable for the delivery of the project deliverables and need to work closely with the end users to ensure that what is being deliver is what they expected i.e. with new back office system that the screens have all the information that they will need. 
3. The users is responsible for describing what they need to achieve from the project through the requirements management process. They need to describe and sign off the formal requirements of the finished product / project.  They will be the people that will use the outcome of the project and need to make sure they operate in a way that derive the benefits.  For example implementation of a new back office system to allow less processing time and thus lead to a saving in running costs.  
4. Suppliers will be responsible to actually deliver the project deliverables i.e. delivery and installation of hardware that is needed for the back office system. They will be engaged via a contract and need to perform to the terms of the contract.  They are also responsible for reporting progress and ensure issues and risks are communicated to the project manager.  
5. The team delivers the deliverables i.e. software development (i.e. new system) on the newly delivered hardware to time, cost and quality parameters under the direction of the project manager.  They will be very close to the actual work and will be the first ones to help identify changes, risks and issues.  The team supports the project manager and also offers the project manager help and advise when needed. 

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  1. Paul – I have made some changes to my answer (in bold and underlined). Does this look better now?

  2. It’s ok (a marginal pass), but if you were to take the example of a new back office system and give examples of what each role would do as you have for the user then you would get much better marks. Try editing your answer to include these extra bits.

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