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Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 2nd March 2017

List & Explain 5 environment factors that may affect a project
1. Political – environment factors
2. Environmental factors
3. Sociological – environment factors
4. Technological – environment factors
5. Legal
Environment factors
The project could be under or influenced by various environmental factors, these can be for or against the project.

Political – environment factors
A project can have various political challenges,
i.e. NWR is funded by the government and are a public body and therefor have to be accountable for all they do and spend. Not only does this have an impact on what types of projects can be delivered, it may have a good/bad impact on funding.
Other political factors could be internal acceptance of the project, maybe on area of the business does not want to implement this as they believe it to be a waste, however on the other side all parts of the business may want to implement the project but you have not scoped for this.
Legislation could change and either increase scope, decrease scope or raise or lower stumbling blocks,.
Doing the leg work first with a project you can try to eliminate these issues, have stakeholder workshops, look and review previous lessons learnt on a similar type of projects.

I.e. for example Brexit, what’s happening, what impact is this going to have in the UK? How is going to effect the funding we receive for projects?

Environmental factors
Environmental which can influence a project, stop, start or close a project down… or may even insure the foot print will be reduced are:
For example:
Newts – endangered species on the railway they tend to come across engaged newts, if this happens the project will have to stop, call the relevant departments to come in, make the site safe and limiting the danger to the newts.
Waste Disposal dependant on what is found in the ground and how the waste, rubble is disposed of this may include asbestos, it would have the same impact on time, cost, quality, scope.
Wind farms/solar panels as
Positive impact on the environment could be wind farms and solar farms, these reduce carbon foot print is environmentally friendly, and will generate electricity, however on the other side they can look ugly and a lot of villages don’t want their green fields destroyed.
Sociological – environment factors
Can have an impact on projects good or bad:
Good impact – People want change take HS2(high speed), some people believe that the change will help with commuting, quicker service, more direct routes.
Bad Impact –people are up in arms over HS2 – due to the environmental factors, the removal of green space, running through villages and towns and through people’s homes and back gardens, therefore we have communities who are against this project.
maximum of 2 marks for an example
Technological – environment factors
For an example, the company is changing all its phones over to Windows android, can get a better deal, best tariff, more minutes, better service and maintenance
However on the negative side, I don’t know how it works, I was happy with my old phone and just got used to it, how do I get my emails.
Good Impact – looking at and brining in new technology to the project,
can help and support and deliverer benefits by utilising the best out there,
early liaison with right departments, teams for acceptance and readiness of technology
Look at cost savings ideas, new technology may give this through reliability, efficiency and maintenance
suppliers, stakeholders and project teams can look at what the project or part of the project is trying to achieve and use the most up to date technology, out there, this could be new innovative suppliers, re trained staff on new equipment , new updated tools, better equipment, new PPE.
Using new technology can support the project through, time, cost and quality but also health and wellbeing and human factors.

Negative Impact
A lot of people may have a negative impact on new technology due to
Not have readiness for new technology,
Takes too much time to train on it
Too costly expensive,
Push back from staff it takes too much time to use the tools, equipment’s, its quicker the old way
Change of process, policy, standards
Change procurement activities
Integration is not accepted by IT departments
These tools aren’t good enough, even though you said they would be.

legal -environment factors

Legal is what the project needs to assure happens through governed legislation, this makes sure we comply with the legal requirements of running a business, project practice by what is dictated to us, through legal requirements and company requirements

Health and safety at work act 1974
Health & wellbeing
Disposal of dangerous and hazards waste
First aider
Fire warden

By following these guide lines and requirements of the law, will not only keeps you out of trouble and court , but it also makes sure everyone is accountable for reporting and looking after themselves and others.