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List Five Key Attributes Of A Project And Difference To BAU

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 8th February 2015

Hi,  I’ve had a first go at the sample questions in the Study Guide and would appreciate some feedback to see if I’m on the right path.  I’ll be submitting five discussions for the five questions.  The first question (below) in particular I’m aware I’ve not written enough but I’m not quite sure what else to write without waffling too much!  I’ve listed beside the question how many sides of A4 the answers come out as in my handwriting.  Any feedback gratefully received, thanks, Sarah

List five key attributes of a project and describe how each differs from business-as-usual. (2/3)

Projects are unique.  Whereas business-as-usual involves the repetition of the same acts all projects are unique.

Projects have a finite timescale.  Business-as-usual continues indefinitely whereas a project will run according to a set timescale and schedule.

Projects have set budgets.  Business-as-usual is funded by operational budgets with no set budget, whereas a project will often be funded from Capital Expenditure with a finite limit.

Projects seek to bring about business change, whereas business-as-usual is about maintaining the status quo.

Projects will have a defined objective or goal.  Business-as-usual is simply working to the same goal several times over.

  1. Paul says:

    Sarah I am sorry but I can only find this post from you…

  2. Student says:

    Thanks Paul – knew I’d not done enough on that one but wasn’t sure what else to put. I’ll look at Francine’s answer. Also, the first post I made on Sunday for feedback contained some other questions and answers from section 1 – would you prefer me to post them individually for comment rather than as one long post? Thanks, Sarah

  3. Paul says:

    Sarah the marking guide asks for two parts, a statement of fact and then further information. Your answer covers the first part but not the second. You are also lacking a list. So overall you would get about 30% for this answer.

  4. Student says:

    Sorry – I posted this again as I got an error message in response to my first post with all questions and answers for section 1! Sarah

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