Improving Your Decision-Making Skills As A Project Manager


As a project manager, you need to hone your skills in many different areas. One thing that you certainly need to be good at is making decisions. After all, every project features plenty of different important decisions that need to be made. With that being said, continue reading to discover some of the different ways that you can enhance your decision-making skills as a project manager.

Learn from past experiences

The best project managers know how to learn from past experiences. After all, not all projects go perfectly, and sometimes you will not make the right decision. However, so long as you view these experiences as an opportunity to learn, you are always going to take something out of a failure. It makes a lot of sense to make sure that you are continually assessing past project performance and the decisions that were made. This way you can shape future decisions using past projects as guide.

Assess data using project management software

The best decisions tend to be based on knowledge. You cannot approach important business projects with a stab in the dark approach. Instead, you need to assess the data that is available to you so you can make the decision that makes the most sense. This is where it helps to have quality project management software in place. This way you can easily analyse and assess different sets of data.

Don’t be afraid to get an outside opinion

Project managers are often scared of getting an outside opinion because it makes them feel like they are failing. After all, when you lead a project, you feel like you should be able to make all the decisions with ease. However, it is rarely that easy. Sometimes you can feel so close to a project to the point whereby you cannot really think objectively. When this happens, the best thing you can do is get an outside opinion from a respected and trusted professional. That way, you can have a more well-rounded view.

Consider giving your skills a boost with a training course

The final suggestion that we have for you is to give yourself a refresh with one of the project manager courses that are available today. There are lots of different types of project management courses for people to choose from today. They are not just designed for people who are at the beginning of their career. You can also take one of these courses whenever you feel like you have hit a bit of a brick wall in your project management career, so you can be more confident in the decisions you’re making.

Hopefully, we’ve now helped you understand some of the different ways that you can enhance your decision-making skills as a project manager. Many people do not realise that there is training for PMs that focus on skills like this. However, there are many different training options and skills that you can work on when it comes to being a better project manager. So, try this out and the other tips that we have mentioned above, and you could really notice a difference.

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