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Paul Naybour

Hello all, I have just joined the group having enrolled myself on the course beginning 7 Jan in London. Is anyone else out there on the same course?

My experience is mainly Engineering and Aviation management having moved from Aeronautical Engineering to become a Helicopter Pilot some 16 Years ago.

As ever, the more senior you become in any profession, the less of that task you are allowed to partake in and I have been deskbound for a while now and have made the decision to become a PM full time and stop pretending to be a Pilot!!

For those of you who I may meet in the future or even on the course, looking forward to seeing you all!


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  1. are you staying close to Victoria during the course? I will be there from the 6th if you fancy a beer on Sunday night. I take it that you are based in reading?

  2. yeah, Emma at spoce was kind enough to let me know, but to be honest, there’s no point in just getting the qualification, I want to move into PM so the more learning/refreshing I can do, the better. Might as well do the whole lot again. It’s just how I like to do things. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Hope you had a good Xmas!

  3. You mentioned PRINCE2; I presume you know that if you are a registered practitioner then you can opt for the 2 hour APMP exam, rather than the 3 hour?

  4. Wow, you are an experienced aviator, presumably AAC before CPL (I’ve never actually flow from Leuchars, but the Tornado must have been an experience!!)? Interesting your comments about PRINCE2. The APM Body of Knowledge (BoK) has reference to about 100 to 150 books and papers written about project management; indeed the BoK references both PRINCE2 and MSP. I view PRINCE2 as simply a rating, only really appropriate if you are working in a PRINCE2 environment (rather than PINO!). But we can continue that discussion on the course… Most find that the APMP is more academically challenging (and difficult) than PRINCE2, but more enjoyable because of the variety of topics.

  5. Adrian, having skimmed the study guide, you may well have some work on your hands. I am trying to dump my PRINCE2 mind set and embrace APMP. There are some significant differences in terminology and approach, so you may have to think of some examples showing compliance and commonality between both approaches. I am looking forward to meeting you and doing the course, I hope that I can understand my own questions before I arrive! Aviation has been my lifelong speciality so jumping in at the deep end… I go into PM. To be honest, my 3000 hrs rotary twin time, 200 FW Firefly and chipmunk don’t really count towards my future. So, I am your canvas for a week. Types flown? Chipmunk, Firefly, Gazelle, Lynx, Bell 212 (Huey), and Apache in the military. Robin 22 and jetranger civi. Not forgetting my 2 hrs Tornado at EGQL…..Have a great Xmas, looking forward to the banter!!

  6. Hi Paul,
    I am your trainer and I would like to welcome to the APMP course in London on the 7th. I am also a pilot (single, fixed wing) so I am looking forward to swapping flying tales. I have also enjoyed a career in aviation (I was an engineer in the RAF).

    The more that you can prepare for the course, the easier the week will be for you! The Study Guide is the key text book for the course. However, I would suggest that you leave earned value, scheduling and resource management until the course; most of my delegates find it far easier for me to explain these concepts first, then practice some examples before reading about them in the Study Guide.

    Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me using this site. The course starts at 0930, but you can arrive anytime after 0900 – have a very happy Christmas,

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