What makes for a great project management training course?

Paul Naybour

As all business owners and managers know, the core of business is setting and meeting goals. Some of these goals are short term, while others take considerably longer to achieve. When a particular goal can be broken down into discrete steps, it is often viewed as a project. Managing projects, however, is not as intuitive as some imagine, and project management is a skill that requires knowledge best learned through training. Here are some of the elements of great project management training courses.


Running a project management training course requires no training in most areas. To help ensure that those who teach these courses have the knowledge and experience they need to be effective, the industry relies on accreditation. The Association for Project Management, or APM, has a rigorous set of requirements potential courses need to meet in order to gain approval. Before even considering a particular course, ensure that it has received appropriate accreditation from APM.


In the past, project management training required traveling to where the course was taught. Today, options are far more diverse, and those who have busy schedules can take them when it is most convenient. Thanks to the Internet, remote learning is now a viable option. In addition, many of the top courses are designed to be taught in online manner, and they have been thoroughly tested through the years. This flexibility has made project management training far more popular, which has made training even more important than it was in the past as most competitors likely have received some training.

Dynamic Training Methods

The days of simply listening to lectures on project management are over, and those who wish to take full advantage of what project management training has to offer must take courses with multiple methods of instruction. Podcasts allow listeners to pause the audio to reflect on what they’re hearing and can be played again. Study guides and e-learning courses make the process of studying easier to understand and more interactive. Workshops allow participants to apply the skills they’re learning to test their knowledge with realistic scenarios. When these training methods are designed to be used together, project management training courses can become far more effective than those used in the past.

Professional Material and Teachers

A good indication of a great project management course is one run by an established, experienced company with a website and material designed to impress. Creating a great project management course requires applying the very skills that will be taught, and material that is poorly designed and presented is a likely indicator that the material taught will not be optimal. Before choosing a particular course, ensure that the material impresses.
Project management should not longer be viewed as optional. The power of effective project management makes it essential for the increasingly competitive business environments found today. While there are a number of options to choose from, the training offered by Parallel Project Training satisfies the requirements listed above and offers far more that is available in other courses. Visit their website to find out how they can help you set, reach and exceed your goals.

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