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MIni Mock APMP Exam Questions

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 20th January 2012

APMP Exam Questions: Mini Mock Exam

The APMP exam below is a short version used in training to get use to APMP exam technique. Unlike the real APMP Exam you only need to complete three questions in 50 minutes not 10 questions in three hours. However it is quite representative of the questions you will get. Please feel free to post your answers below and we will give you feedback.

50 minutes 

 Complete three questions from below 

 1. Explain five distinct features of cost breakdown structure. 


2. Explain five reasons why requirements management important to project success. 


3. Describe five principles of governance. 


4. Describe five resources management processes. 


5. Describe five actions to ensure project quality 


6. Explain five benefits of managing projects as a portfolio. 


7. Explain the five impacts of conflict on a projects performance 


8. Describe five important sources of information which would be used in a lessons learned review. 


9. Describe five actions a project manager could take to build an effective team 


10. Explain five considerations a project manager must make when developing the project communication plan. 


11. Explain five benefits of project audits. 


12. Explain five responsibilities of the Project Sponsor throughout the project life cycle.”