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BAA endorse APMP for all Heathrow Project Managers

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 26th January 2012

“I expect all our staff to hold APMP by the end of the year” says Julian Foster, programme Directory at BAA. In an interview with the Assocaition for project management he identified the follwoing benefits

  1. Common language
  2. Consistent approach
  3. Best in class approach
  4. Flexibility

It is good to see another major project organisation such as BAA Heathrow recognising the important of APMP, as part of an integrated approach to development of project management capability and competence. Liz Wilson from the APMP said.   “We are delighted that such an important employer and contributor to the UK economy has recognised the practical and business value of APM’s flagship qualification.” As a leader in the industry Parallel Project Training is delighted that BAA have implemented their commitment to develop their project managers. They are setting the benchmark others in the sector should seek to follow.

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