Must-Read Tips For New Project Managers

Paul Naybour

For those who are new project managers, discover some top tips that will help you in your role.

A lot of people fall into the role of project manager. For others, it is a career path they have purposely chosen considering the high demand for project managers today. No matter what situation applies to you, if you are a new project manager, read on to discover some top tips that will help you in your role.

Get certified

There is only one place to begin, and this is by getting certified as a project manager. This may be something you have already embarked upon if you planned this career path. Nevertheless, if you simply fell into the role of project manager, it is unlikely you will have taken one of the available project management training courses. Project management training is not only something you need at the beginning of your career, but also it is important to continue to learn and advance your PM skills throughout your career.

Set clear and measurable goals

You will never know if your project is on track or an overall success if you do not measure it effectively. Make sure your goals are measurable, easy to understand, and reasonable.

Get to know your team

The more you get to know your team, the more they will respect you, and they will be willing to work harder for you. When the going gets tough, they will be more willing to go the extra mile to ensure the project is a success. Not only this, but getting to know your team enables you to see what their specific skills are so you can delegate effectively, as well as better understanding how they operate and communicate.

Get to grips with project management software

Project management software is going to be your new best friend. Make the most of it. It will help you to collaborate efficiently, measure project success, and ensure everything is on track.

Don’t overpromise

Don’t make the mistake of setting their team up for failure by overpromising on what you can deliver and when. Some new project managers think it is better to give the client a deadline that is going to make them happy, rather than a realistic one. If you set an unrealistic deadline, you are going to set your team up to fail, and you will only disappoint the client in the end.

Embrace risk management

If you do not plan for risks, when something occurs that could derail your project, it will have a monumental impact. You could have a disaster on your hands. Risk management ensures you can respond quickly to minimise any delays and budget overruns.

If you follow these very simple tips, you should have the perfect platform from which new project managers can excel. One of the most important things any project manager needs to do is learn from their mistakes. It’s not always going to run smoothly and projects are bound to become longer, harder and more complex as your career progresses, which is why you need to adapt effectively.

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