Negotiating A Pay Rise As A Project Manager

Paul Naybour

If the amount you are being paid is making you consider a change of employer then look at our tips to consider negotiating a pay rise in your current role first.


When you work in Project Management your salary will depend on quite a few different factors. Things like location, your project management skills and experience and even the size of the project that you will be working on will play a huge part in working out the salary paid to a project manager.


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As a project manager, you might find yourself managing a small team of just a few people or a much larger team, all of whom will need to report back to you with details of their progress. There are so many variables that are taken into consideration when it comes to salary; and with project management being so varied these can even change from one project to another.

Here are just a few tips to consider when trying to negotiate a pay rise.

Ask for more money

It may seem like a really obvious step but if you are not happy with the pay that you receive and want more then you need to ask. Whilst your employer may take a look at salaries on an annual basis, if you want to negotiate a better pay rise you need to let them know that you do not feel the pay you currently receive is appropriate for the level of work that you put into your role. This is not the same as an annual pay increase.

Make a list of reasons why you believe you should be paid more, and arguments to back up your case so that the company you work for can see this is something you have given serious consideration to.  If you have done your research and can offer your manager some really good reasons why you deserve a pay rise you are more likely to succeed.

Know Your Worth

It’s a good idea to do a bit of research and find out what other people in comparative jobs within the same field are being paid. Remember though, the average salary for the same type of job will vary not only by location but also within different industries. Doing some research will, however, give you an idea of what you could be asking for.

Another way to find out what you might expect to receive in a similar job would be to check the job market, this will show you what other companies are paying people with similar project management qualifications.


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Gain More Experience

One of the best ways to build up a case for negotiating a pay rise is to build up your experience within your current role. Show your manager that you can do the work and manage a team really effectively to bring your projects in on time. Use this to demonstrate what you bring to the company and prove that you are really worth a pay rise.

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