A New Standard for Managers of a Complex Project (APM Registered Project Professional)

Paul Naybour

APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) is a pan-sector standard  for those able to demonstrate the capabilities of a responsible leader, who have the ability to manage a complex project and use appropriate tools, processes and techniques. This podcast made in partnership with the APM includes those responsible for developing the new standard and those who have been through the RPP process and are now RPP assessors.
The guests include

  • John Zachar; APM product development manager for RPP, John has a wealth of experience in project management including the US Air Force.
  • Graham Hawkins (RPP); Manager of the APM PMO responsible for coordinating a number of projects across the APM including the launch of RPP. Graham was awarded RPP as part of the pilot group and is now and RPP assessor.
  • Neil Mooney (RPP) Training Director of Provek was also awarded RPP as part of the pilot group and is now and RPP assessor.
  • Paul Naybour, host of the Parallel Project Training podcast channel.

In this episode you will learn

  1. What is the Association for Project Management?
  2. What is the Registered Project Professional Standard?
  3. How Registered Project Professional with give your organisation a competitive advantage?
  4. Why should I apply?
  5. What is the application process?
  6. What other sources of information and support are available.

Both Provek and Parallel Project Training have employees who are RPP assessors and can provide advice and guidance on how it can be used to support project management development in organisations. Please contact either the APM for more information about this new standard.

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