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3 Apps to Simplify Your Project Planning Process

Completing different projects is an integral part of business operations and continual growth. Success relies heavily on organization and execution while meeting deadlines. Although staying on target isn’t always easy, utilizing project planning apps can streamline a project and minimize complications.

Oracle’s Vision for Project Management at the 2013 Oracle Primavera Virtual Summit

For organizations that simultaneously undertake many large, complex projects, having accurate, real-time insight into performance and the ability to identify and mitigate risk is an integral part of driving success. To achieve this, many are turning to Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) solutions.

Strategic communications: From self-delusion to listening carefully

Conventional wisdom and research studies both say that communication is necessary to gain successful project outcomes. However, some (too many) executives use their public relations and communications departments as a megaphone to broadcast one-way directives in the name of “dialogue.” This behaviour represents self-delusion and not genuine communication. So don’t forget that listening is just as important a communication skill as talking or writing to be a good communicator

Announcing evolutionPM™ – Your Natural Selection

MR Project Solutions and EarthPM™ are proud to announce a collaborative effort in the area of project and programme management – focused on the integration of these critical disciplines with sustainability. Both organisations, having achieved significant recognition in this area, are combining their resources under the name evolutionPM.

Effective Risk Management Starts with Effective Project Management

To remain competitive and sustain growth in a stagnant economy, businesses must consistently evolve, refine and innovate. Every innovation — e.g., rolling out new products and services, eliminating redundancies and creating new revenue streams — involves some measure of risk. One of the keys to minimizing this risk is to recognize that the activities driving growth are themselves projects and programs.

Project Management Acronyms

A mind-blowing list of all the acronyms and abbreviations you will ever need to know in project management.

Finding leaders among project managers

Leadership qualities are common to all good managers. Being able to think clearly about your next move, communicate plainly with a range of stakeholders – all with different priorities – and to be able to motivate people and galvanise them around a common goal greatly increases the chances of project success.

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