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Open Public Course – APM Risk Certificate Level 2

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 14th January 2010

Do you want to carry out formal risk management?
RIPM – Advanced is designed for those who want to become project risk management practitioners. It builds on the knowledge gained in our RIPM Foundation. This event leads to the APM’s Risk Management Level 2 Certificate, which is designed to determine an individual’s knowledge and understanding as well as capability in project risk management, sufficient to allow an individual to undertake formal project risk management.
Risk management is a fundamental tool in the management of projects and programmes as the only fact when bidding and planning is that the future is uncertain and needs to be predicted and managed well to prevent unforeseen problems in delivery. Done well, risk management is the most effective tool in ensuring that project and programme objectives are delivered successfully. This event takes the knowledge gained on RIPM Foundation and builds the capability needed to undertake formal risk management activities on any project. This is a 3-day event, 2 days of this is face-to-face with us in the classroom and 1 day is self-study based on materials we provide in advance. For this reason, candidates may want to have at least a 1-month gap between the Foundation and Advanced events. Please note: Although APM will award a Level 2 Certificate without the candidate also holding the Level 1 award, we strongly advise against jumping to Level 2, unless you have a deep understanding of qualitative and quantitative risk methods.
Participants will leave this event with:

  • The ability to undertake formal risk management on any project
  • An understanding of the importance of human factors in risk management
  • The capability to pass the Association for Project Management’s Risk Level 2 examination
  • A memorable experience with unique and useful course materials

Participants can choose to sit the 3¼ hour essay based examination at 1.30 pm on Day 2 of the event.
Our events run in easily accessible locations on various dates on a non-residential basis. We run events monthly and future dates can be found on our website. If the dates published don’t meet your needs please contact us to request others – either by telephone or register your interest on our website.
The all inclusive price (excluding VAT) for the workshop is £625 plus exam fees of £305 if you want to sit the APM examination.
The price also includes a copy of two APM recommended books, both co-authored by Managing Partners in our company. Practical Project Risk Management: the ATOM Methodology (Hillson and Simon 2008), Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude 2nd edition (Hillson and Murray-Webster 2007). These will be invaluable aids as you apply your new skills to your projects.
You’ll pay a similar price on other courses that lead to the APM’s Risk Level 2 Certificate, but we can guarantee that no other will provide a similar experience.
Participant requirements

  • In house workshops can be provided on request.
  • This event is not suitable for people unless they have either already passed the APM Level 1 Risk Certificate, or have a good understanding of qualitative and quantitative risk methods. Note: In order to take the APM Risk Level 2 certificate, we would advise that a candidate must already have passed Risk Level 1.
  • All Events, including this workshop, are subject to Terms and Conditions for Lucidus Open Events.

This event will take place in Manchester on 4th / 5th March 2010.

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