PMP Certification A Project Manager’s Next Best Step

Paul Naybour

Financial ventures and creative campaigns today happen on much larger scales than they have in the past due to the evolution of communications and the global marketplace. For this reason endeavors such as these involve many more people. It is essential to have project managers that can maintain the integrity and direction of such projects in order to give them the best chance for success. Becoming a successful project manager involves having both a successful track record the proper education and credentials. These are the guidelines that companies and individuals use when picking out the types of professionals that they want to work with to ensure a lucrative future. A PMP Credential is a common type of certification that is sought after in this area of business. PMP or the Project Manager Professional certification leads the industry as an indicator that an individual has the necessary education and experience needed to successfully direct large and vital projects.
In comparison to other working project managers, studies have shown that those individuals employed with a PMP certification earn up to ten percent more than their peers in the field. Attaining this certification involves taking a simple exam that allow you to advance your career right away. This exam consists of two hundred question that are in a multiple choice format. While these specifications may sound simple, it is imperative that applicants prepare for the exam, regardless of the extent of their management experience. As is true with most standardized exams, study aides and study programs are beneficial. Those candidates that have been successful in the past report spending thirty-five hours or more in preparation. This time included many activities that allowed them to become familiar with the material and come into the exam with the confidence that helped ensure success.
Studying the PMP credential handbook clarifies all of the qualifications that this exam is designed to assess. Reviewing the PMP Sample questions also lets applicants become familiar with the structure in which content will be presented so that they can properly tailor their study methods to be as prepared as possible. For those individuals that do their best work in groups, there are Registered Education Providers that set up study sessions or can provide tested and published study materials. It is also recommended that applicants form study groups with their colleagues, whether those be individuals that they work with or new colleagues that they meet with virtually. Guides books can be found online which are consistently updated to provide students with the latest knowledge base and methods for preparation. By taking this exam you can get your career as a project manager started off on the right foot or take a step forward in the career path that you have already established!

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      1. I will like to do the PMP course in June 2020 during the pandemic covid-19 lockdown.
        This week will be fine.
        Yours faithfully,
        Julius Baderoi

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