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PMP Certification from £1095 with early bird discount

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 9th September 2015

Parallel Project Training has launched early bird discount for its PMP certification training in London. Discount is available for individuals or organisations who book a place 10 days before the start of the course.

Parallel Project training offers first-class PMP certification training using trainers with over 15 years experience delivering PMP courses. Our classes are highly interactive and our aim is to help you fully understand guide to the project management body of knowledge integrates into a systematic approach for projects. We avoid death by PowerPoint and deliver our courses in interactive and participative way, which helps you understand the overall structure philosophy of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

Parallel Project Training is a registered education training provider with the PMI as such the course material and trainers have been approved to deliver this course. The course includes five days of contact time with trainer and a full mock exam on the last day of the course. This mock exam is extremely useful in helping you understand how close you are passing the PMP certification. We have a very good track record in supporting individuals preparing and completing PMP certification course.

Course material includes a personal copy of the guide the project management body of knowledge, which is sent out 10 days before the course, detailed training notes which explain how the body of knowledge works the practical way, sample questions for each section including explanations of the solution and a full mock exam. The course also provides ongoing support as you prepare for the PMP via our online study group.

Based in London this course is ideally placed the people from within the UK and those from overseas who want to combine training course with a visit to one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and interesting cities. The course uses high-class venues on Buckingham Palace road which is right at the heart of London.

The early bird discount is nontransferable and non-refundable and payment is due at the time of booking.  To get the early bird discount you just need to complete the registration form on our website and discount will automatically apply to your booking.

Sections covered in the course include

  1. An overview of project management and links to the guide to project management body of knowledge.
  2. Define what project is the project is not
  3. Defining project management including progressive elaboration and the project management environment
  4. Examining areas related to project management including portfolio management and programme management together with the role of program office
  5. Exploring the project life-cycle and different types of organisations and stakeholders that you can meet project organisations
  6. Adapting the project management processes including initiation, planning, directing and managing the work, monitoring controlling the work and closing the project.
  7. Managing project scope include gathering requirements define the work breakdown structures, validating the project scope and controlling the project scope.
  8. Managing controlling time including creating a project schedule, defining project the sequencing the activities, considering resources, estimating project duration developing the project schedule and defining the project timeline.
  9. Controlling costs and the project including planning costs, estimating costs, establishing cost baseline, measuring project performance, forecasting the overall cost the project, and reporting.
  10. Controlling project quality including quality planning, quality control and quality assurance.
  11. Human resource management including preparing a human resource plan, acquiring the human resources necessary, developing the project team and managing the project team.
  12. Introducing project communications including preparing a project communications plan, managing the implementation of a communications plan and reporting on project performance.
  13. Managing project risk including identifying project risk, assessing project risk is in qualitative and quantitative techniques, identifying appropriate responses and implementing the effectiveness of those responses on the overall risk profile.
  14. Procurement management including planning procurements for the project, completing that procurement strategy monitoring those procurement routes.
  15. Stakeholder management including identifying stakeholders, assessing their needs, preparing a communications plan and following the plan through to completion.

To book a place on the course visit the PMP Certification page on the Parallel website

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