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Podcasts – The Way To Learn While You’re Managing

Paul Naybour Paul Naybour

Published: 23rd May 2014

Every project manager should have both hands full plus an extra hand ready to catch any issue that comes up unexpectedly during the management of a project. A busy PM can fall into the trap of continually striving to excel with projects, whilst falling behind on new skills that are important for continuous professional development and career advancement. Podcasts are an innovative, useful way for a manager to learn while they are managing without really losing out on precious time that could otherwise contribute towards the success of the project.
Why are podcasts so useful?
Podcasts are useful for the majority of people because they don’t require an internet connection in order for you to take advantage of them. You simply download and enjoy the podcast anywhere, anytime on a mp3 player, phone or other mobile device.
Why are podcasts so useful for project managers?
Because project managers work hard juggling lots of balls, taking on lots of pressure and being available for everything and anything the project may throw at them. A project manager seeks control but also understands his project management framework enough to remain a little flexible in order to allow for any unplanned occurrences. Learning how to learn in a less conventional way is the way a successful manager can keep their skills and knowledge of current PM trends up to date. Taking the time to combine informative podcasts with your lunch break or time at the gym isn’t particularly ground breaking, but it’s important to point out the benefits of this type of learning to those who may feel they have little or no time to take on any more information.
Podcasts also open up a learning partnership opportunity because those leading the podcasts are often in the same profession as those listening and so, an intimate conversation and communication occurs. This means that the project manager has the opportunity to learn from the podcast content but also from the individual delivering it.
Are they free?
Most podcasts are free so you can enjoy as many as you want without any financial input.
Can they contribute to any learning activities?
Some podcasts will help you understand your project management training course better as some learners benefit from audio explanations more than visual or physical. If there is a part of the course you are struggling with, a podcast may be an easy way to understand it.
How do I find the right podcasts?
Speak to colleagues about the podcasts they listen to and combine this with a little research to enable yourself to find a stream of podcasts that you feel could really benefit you. You can find podcasts pretty much anywhere and you can usually stream them without downloading them to see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.
Can podcasts benefit my team?
Podcasts can benefit anyone as long as the correct podcast is sourced for the individual’s own objectives. Parallel Project Training have a range of project management podcasts on topics such as Scheduling, Budgeting, Resource Management, Communication and the informal style in which they are delivered really can make learning fun. They are freely available to listen to from the Parallel Project Training website to see if this style of learning suits you.

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